CoupMe for 2/23: “Pay $10 for $25 Of Soothing, Comforting Tea Products from”

Enjoying a nice cup o’ tea just got a whole lot easier. At, you’ll be able to sift through hundreds of teas to find the perfect one for you…without even leaving your home.

From Black to Oolong, Roobios to Mate, TeaLuxe truly does have it all. Sounding a bit like a foreign language to you? You’re not alone. The site includes ways to make the tea-choosing process simpler, including the “Teatender’s Top Ten” list with customer’s favorites like the White Blueberry ($10.99 for Small Tin) and the Caramel Cream Brulee ($20.99 for Small Tin).

Whether you need to soothe a soar throat with the herbal Throat Tender blend ($22.99 for Small Tin), or simply get some extra energy for the day with their Yerba Mate ($11.49 for Small Tin), TeaLuxe has got you covered.

Each tea is conveniently numbered by bin, with a short description of the particular flavor, such as accents of fresh coconut, sweet blueberry or hints of grenadine and vanilla.

TeaLuxe also has a variety of tea-lover’s accessories to choose from, such as Paper Tea Filter Bags ($6.95) or the White Personal Teapot for a perfect 2-cup serving ($9.95).

Visit today to get the deal of the day, offering you $25 worth of tea and products for just $10!


“Starbucks-ized teatime that is a hell of a lot cheaper than any Victorian tearoom, but with quality teas.

That’s Tealuxe in a sentence.” ~Harri S., Yelp

“Creme de la Earl Grey. Bin #211. Try it, and throw away any other tea in your cupboard because you’re never going to drink any of them again.” ~Quinn E., Yelp

“I thought I knew teas, and then I found tealuxe. Immediately I went out to buy a tea pot so I could repeat the experience at home.

My favorite is the Mint. It’s so refreshing, and because they give you a timer, you can never over-steep it.” ~Kelly D., Yelp

“The main draw is the impressive tea selection, which includes many hard-to-find imported leaves. There’s something for everyone: simple breakfast teas, rare green teas from Japan, unusual herbal varieties (papaya and pineapple), and so on.” ~Eric Grossman, Yelp


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