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Organic and Vegan Mani/Pedi: Um, Can You Say Yummy?

April 26, 2010

Sure flowers and a card may look pretty on the kitchen table, but do they leave you feeling pampered, refreshed and absolutely fabulous? I don’t think so. This Mother’s Day, treat yourself (and your mother) to a luxurious mani/pedi at Beautifica Day Spa.

With organic and vegan salts, scrubs and nail lacquer, this is far from your typical mani/pedi! I know, you’re thinking, “What, Vegan?! But that’s how I buy my chicken and veggies!” But you heard right…turns out your manicure can be just as healthy as your diet now. And just as it does to your bod, these products will refresh your skin and nails, making you feel absolutely beautiful inside and out.

Us women don’t take enough time to sit down relax and be pampered ’cause we’re always go, go go! But Mother’s Day should be a time for you and only you. Forget about getting dinner on the table or running around the house like a mad woman to get everything done, and head off to Beautifica Day Spa instead.

Purchase your CoupMe now to get your mani/pedi for more than half off. That is just $21 for a $45 Organic, Vegan Mani/Pedi! Come on, you know you deserve it.


A True Italian Delight, All Yours

April 24, 2010

The other night, I came home late from work and once again dug through my refrigerator only to find nothing to eat yet again. Eggs, bread, pasta and chicken get a little old when you have them nearly every day. While budgeting in the Bean, I sometimes forget that I can treat myself to a nice dinner out once in a while. And what better way to do so than purchasing a CoupMe for one of our amazing featured restaurants.

This weekend’s deal is with Davide Italian Ristorante in the North End, a high end, classy Italian gem with the most scrumptious food. I was lucky enough to film one of their chefs the other day, Anthony, who cooked an amazing lunch consisting of a mushroom puff pastry (Fagottini ai Funghi di Bosco) and a mouth-watering signature pasta dish with prosciutto and mushrooms (Fusilli alla Boscaiola). Not only did I get to video him, but he also served them meal to me after so I can truly attest for myself: their food is absolutely to die for. I couldn’t stop eating the ever so addicting pasta, and actually had to cut myself off, bringing some home to my roommate. It was that good.

It’s hard to find a truly authentic, delicious Italian meal over in the States, but let me tell you: Davide Ristorante comes pretty darn close to some of the restaurants I ate at over in Italy. 

Don’t make plain old pasta and canned sauce for dinner tonight. Purchase your CoupMe today, and save money on an elegant, decadent evening out with your friends or husband instead. Check out the video of Davide on our Facebook page. Mangia!

Battle of the Sandwiches: Chance to Win CoupMe Bucks!

April 21, 2010

So today’s CoupMe for $16 worth of food at Jerusalem Pita (for only $8) got me thinking about sandwiches. It brings me back to when I was a little girl and my mom would stuff massive amounts of tuna or turkey into a little pita pocket that I’d devour in minutes. Oh the good old days. Even now, sandwiches are still ever so exciting, and definitely aren’t just for little kids anymore. We’ve moved on from Peanut Butter and Jelly to BLT’s, Reubens, Flatbreads, and Pastrami-stuffed delights. What once consisted of plain old ham and cheese is now packed with pounds of meat, exotic veggies and toppings galore!

Of course peanut butter and jelly will always be a classic, but now with so many other delectable options (some of which I can’t even pronounce), it’s hard to resist trying something new. 

We’d like to know what your absolute favorite sandwich is? Describe it, make us drool with hunger. Where do you get this out-of-this-world sammy? How is it made? Why do you love it so darn much? We’ve love to hear your feedback and one lucky person will win $10 of CoupMe bucks! Let the battle of the sandwiches begin. . .

Eat, Drink and Blow Glass. . .

April 20, 2010

Wine pairs well with many things, from grapes, to cheese, to a fancy romantic dinner. But wine and glass blowing? Now that’s a first. With today’s CoupMe, you’ll enjoy an out of the norm evening consisting of wine, delectable appetizers and alas: a glass blowing demo. 

It’s not every day in Boston that you run into a bunch of people sipping wine and blowing glass, but that’s exactly what makes this activity so astounding. What is glass blowing, you ask? It’s just as it sounds actually, a technique involving the inflation of molten glass into a bubble by using a blowpipe, or blow tube. And those who take part in this miraculously activity are thus dubbed a glassblower, glassmith, or even sometimes, a gaffer. 

At Diablo Glass School, you’ll watch as a piece of plain old glass is manipulated and transformed into a beautiful object, with vibrant colors and shapes. No, you aren’t tipsy from your wine (well, maybe just a little). You’re actually experiencing quite a phenomenon occur right before your eyes. Purchase today’s CoupMe now to see for yourself with a $17 Wine tasting and Glass Blowing Demo ($35 Value). Appetizers will be served at the event.

It’s True: A Nice Smile is a Deal Breaker (or Maker)

April 16, 2010

It’s a known fact: a killer smile can make or break your first impression on someone. It’s almost just as bad as having garlic breath. Sure, a bad hair day, an awful outfit choice or too much makeup can be forgiven. But bad teeth? That’s permanent. 

Or not. Many believe that if they’re addicted to sugar or  have had too many espresso shots throughout their lives, those nasty, yellow teeth stains are there to stay. Because of this, vendors have created numerous ways to brighten your teeth, from “magic” toothbrushes and toothpaste to whitening gum, mouthwash and strips. But, NOTHING IS WORKING.

Turns out at least one company got it right. With BriteSmile teeth whitening system, your teeth will miraculously become up to 14 shades brighter in just one treatment! Customers rave about the incredible makeover like transformation. Turns out you don’t even need to use Photoshop or chew 10 sticks of brightening gum daily to flaunt those pearly whites after all! And today’s CoupMe at Boston MedSpa on Newbury Street gets you this $600 service for only $189. You’ll save more than $400 and your precious teeth. Finally love the way you look in the mirror, and watch as your next date’s jaw drops to the floor when he sees your beautiful smile.

Falafel Love

April 15, 2010

If you’ve never tried falafel, I suggest you do soon. Sure, it sounds a little weird and even looks a little weird, but once you take a bite of the crispy, lightly fried ball of goodness, you’ll be hooked. So what exactly is falafel, you ask? It’s a fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas or fava beans. Chickpeas fried in a ball? May sound out there, but it’s actually a genius invention.

Falafel balls are typically accompanied with pita bread or hummus, the perfect companions to this Middle Eastern/Mediterranean treat.

Wait no longer to dig into some savory falafel yourself, as your taste buds explode with pure satisfaction. With today’s CoupMe, you’ll pay just $8 for $16 worth of falafel all to yourself at Rami’s Restaurant in Brookline. Try some of their other popular dishes as well, like their traditional, homemade hummus or ever so addicting tuna stuffed pitas. The choice is yours!

A Delightful Party to Remember

April 14, 2010

Brainstorming birthday party themes (or any party for that matter) used to be my favorite thing to do as a little kid. Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and other fairy tale princesses took over the house, plastered on everything from streamers and plates, to my favorite part of the party: the cake.

But just because we’re adults now doesn’t mean we still can’t have a little fun with themes. With help from Harvard Sweet Boutique , you’ll turn your next party into a memorable treat for all your guests. Whether it’s your daughters graduation or 5th birthday, or a wedding or anniversary party, your guests will be dazzled by what they’ll see (and eat).

Harvard Sweet Boutique makes all natural, handmade cookies, brownies, toffee and other treats, all wrapped up in pretty, colorful boxes for your enjoyment. The Sweet 16 Theme is composed of hip green polka-dotted boxes tied with fuchsia ribbons, making the day special and unique for your teenage girl. These pretty little boxes make the perfect table centerpiece, and each is filled with sweets of your choice, perfect for your guests to take home after the big blowout. 

Got a dinner, wedding or baby shower coming up? Bring along their luxurious Miniature Brownies & Bars, including chocolate fudge brownies, chocolate-glazed macadamia nut shortbread bars and more. You’ll be the hit of the party once the guests try a taste of these itty bitty, bite-size delights. Their Cinnamon-Sugar Snickerdoodles (chewy on the inside, crunchy on the out) will leave drool marks on the box, as every guest fights for their fair share of ooey-gooey goodness. 

Harvard Sweet Boutique’s sweets are perfect for any special occasion. . . party decorations have never been so darn delicious! To get some of these tasty, little treasures of your own, purchase CoupMe’s Deal of the Day and save 50% on your next party.

Food and Wine…What a Sweet Pairing

April 13, 2010


I guess you could call me a “foodie” of sorts.  I love trying new cuisines from different restaurants (and new wine, cocktails, etc.) but what girl doesn’t? This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend the “Phantom Gourmet Wine & Food Phest,” and let’s just say it took eating and drinking to a whole new level. With 30 wines from all over the world (I tasted 28) and 30 of Phantom’s most favorite foods from various vendors in Boston (dipped marshmallows from the Melting Pot and Caprese salad from Incontro to name a few), the fact that I had a good time is an extreme understatement.  Um hello, unlimited food and wine? Let’s just say I was in heaven. Well, in a need-to-unbutton-my-pants heaven where alcohol is allowed and everyone is happy.

But don’t worry, you didn’t miss out on your chance completely.You can experience the same kind of bliss with today’s CoupMe deal offering you two tickets  for you and a friend to an interactive wine tasting class at Gordon’s Fine Wine and Culinary Center for only $20! That’s right, choose any of the upcoming featured classes listed on our website, from Bar Wars to Cheese 101, and receive two tickets for the price of one!

To top it off, after each class, you’ll have the opportunity to buy your favorite wines and spirits for a special discounted price. And if you like food as much as I do, don’t fear. You won’t be left cold and hungry. Many of the classes offer both apps and wine. Now that’s a sweet pairing! So gab your favorite, most fun gal pal and head out to enjoy some solid wine and spirits…you won’t regret it.