Falafel Love

If you’ve never tried falafel, I suggest you do soon. Sure, it sounds a little weird and even looks a little weird, but once you take a bite of the crispy, lightly fried ball of goodness, you’ll be hooked. So what exactly is falafel, you ask? It’s a fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas or fava beans. Chickpeas fried in a ball? May sound out there, but it’s actually a genius invention.

Falafel balls are typically accompanied with pita bread or hummus, the perfect companions to this Middle Eastern/Mediterranean treat.

Wait no longer to dig into some savory falafel yourself, as your taste buds explode with pure satisfaction. With today’s CoupMe, you’ll pay just $8 for $16 worth of falafel all to yourself at Rami’s Restaurant in Brookline. Try some of their other popular dishes as well, like their traditional, homemade hummus or ever so addicting tuna stuffed pitas. The choice is yours!


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