Eat, Drink and Blow Glass. . .

Wine pairs well with many things, from grapes, to cheese, to a fancy romantic dinner. But wine and glass blowing? Now that’s a first. With today’s CoupMe, you’ll enjoy an out of the norm evening consisting of wine, delectable appetizers and alas: a glass blowing demo. 

It’s not every day in Boston that you run into a bunch of people sipping wine and blowing glass, but that’s exactly what makes this activity so astounding. What is glass blowing, you ask? It’s just as it sounds actually, a technique involving the inflation of molten glass into a bubble by using a blowpipe, or blow tube. And those who take part in this miraculously activity are thus dubbed a glassblower, glassmith, or even sometimes, a gaffer. 

At Diablo Glass School, you’ll watch as a piece of plain old glass is manipulated and transformed into a beautiful object, with vibrant colors and shapes. No, you aren’t tipsy from your wine (well, maybe just a little). You’re actually experiencing quite a phenomenon occur right before your eyes. Purchase today’s CoupMe now to see for yourself with a $17 Wine tasting and Glass Blowing Demo ($35 Value). Appetizers will be served at the event.


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