Battle of the Sandwiches: Chance to Win CoupMe Bucks!

So today’s CoupMe for $16 worth of food at Jerusalem Pita (for only $8) got me thinking about sandwiches. It brings me back to when I was a little girl and my mom would stuff massive amounts of tuna or turkey into a little pita pocket that I’d devour in minutes. Oh the good old days. Even now, sandwiches are still ever so exciting, and definitely aren’t just for little kids anymore. We’ve moved on from Peanut Butter and Jelly to BLT’s, Reubens, Flatbreads, and Pastrami-stuffed delights. What once consisted of plain old ham and cheese is now packed with pounds of meat, exotic veggies and toppings galore!

Of course peanut butter and jelly will always be a classic, but now with so many other delectable options (some of which I can’t even pronounce), it’s hard to resist trying something new. 

We’d like to know what your absolute favorite sandwich is? Describe it, make us drool with hunger. Where do you get this out-of-this-world sammy? How is it made? Why do you love it so darn much? We’ve love to hear your feedback and one lucky person will win $10 of CoupMe bucks! Let the battle of the sandwiches begin. . .


One Response to “Battle of the Sandwiches: Chance to Win CoupMe Bucks!”

  1. reb Says:

    Hands down! “Porky Goes Hawaiian” from the Box Lunch franchise on the Cape. Ham, pineapple, three melted cheeses, mayo, tomato, onions, and durkees sauce all wrapped up tight in a light pita. Warm, gooey, and delicious! Reminds me of running around the beach on the cape, and sipping on juice boxes.

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