A True Italian Delight, All Yours

The other night, I came home late from work and once again dug through my refrigerator only to find nothing to eat yet again. Eggs, bread, pasta and chicken get a little old when you have them nearly every day. While budgeting in the Bean, I sometimes forget that I can treat myself to a nice dinner out once in a while. And what better way to do so than purchasing a CoupMe for one of our amazing featured restaurants.

This weekend’s deal is with Davide Italian Ristorante in the North End, a high end, classy Italian gem with the most scrumptious food. I was lucky enough to film one of their chefs the other day, Anthony, who cooked an amazing lunch consisting of a mushroom puff pastry (Fagottini ai Funghi di Bosco) and a mouth-watering signature pasta dish with prosciutto and mushrooms (Fusilli alla Boscaiola). Not only did I get to video him, but he also served them meal to me after so I can truly attest for myself: their food is absolutely to die for. I couldn’t stop eating the ever so addicting pasta, and actually had to cut myself off, bringing some home to my roommate. It was that good.

It’s hard to find a truly authentic, delicious Italian meal over in the States, but let me tell you: Davide Ristorante comes pretty darn close to some of the restaurants I ate at over in Italy. 

Don’t make plain old pasta and canned sauce for dinner tonight. Purchase your CoupMe today, and save money on an elegant, decadent evening out with your friends or husband instead. Check out the video of Davide on our Facebook page. Mangia!


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