Organic and Vegan Mani/Pedi: Um, Can You Say Yummy?

Sure flowers and a card may look pretty on the kitchen table, but do they leave you feeling pampered, refreshed and absolutely fabulous? I don’t think so. This Mother’s Day, treat yourself (and your mother) to a luxurious mani/pedi at Beautifica Day Spa.

With organic and vegan salts, scrubs and nail lacquer, this is far from your typical mani/pedi! I know, you’re thinking, “What, Vegan?! But that’s how I buy my chicken and veggies!” But you heard right…turns out your manicure can be just as healthy as your diet now. And just as it does to your bod, these products will refresh your skin and nails, making you feel absolutely beautiful inside and out.

Us women don’t take enough time to sit down relax and be pampered ’cause we’re always go, go go! But Mother’s Day should be a time for you and only you. Forget about getting dinner on the table or running around the house like a mad woman to get everything done, and head off to Beautifica Day Spa instead.

Purchase your CoupMe now to get your mani/pedi for more than half off. That is just $21 for a $45 Organic, Vegan Mani/Pedi! Come on, you know you deserve it.


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