High School Prom a Horror Story? Give it Another Go, 80s Style!

Oh, prom. We all have such fond memories from back in the day of high school prom, where more time and thought was put into that perfect dress than the actual prom itself. I remember nearly peeing my pants in anticipation waiting to get asked by that special someone, timidly walking through the school hallways, never knowing when the time would come that he’d pop the question. 

Luckily I had a date for both Junior and Senior prom and made it out alive without any horror stories, but I know some friends that didn’t get so lucky. The most popular girl in school had on the same exact dress as another girl. Juice spilled all over her pretty gown, or it tore from her date’s awkward dance moves.  

Each prom, there’d be the same thing over and over again. Girls crying in the bathroom because their boyfriend ditched them for another girl. Kids getting kicked out for alcohol. Guys smirking in the corner, thinking it’s going to be their “Big Night,” only to find out the only thing they’re getting is a kiss goodnight. Let’s face it. For most people, their high school prom was more like a scene out of a horror movie. 

But with today’s CoupMe, you can relive prom once again, this time ensuring a good time because we’re taking you back to the 80s. C’mon, what’s not to love about that? Off the shoulder dresses, tight leather pants, crazy big hair and your most favorite 80s tunes. It’s a guaranteed blast at 80s Prom Night with New York’s #1 Interactive Show. Go ahead-give prom another go, and this time have a ball doing so!


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