Stressed Much? Get a Massage, Actually Make that a Double Order!

I once took a stress test in college, where the professor went around the class and put a tiny blue sticker on each student’s hand. After the class was over, we were told to look what color the circle turned, and in turn see what our stress level was at the moment. Mine turned black. Black was the worst possible stress someone could be. I was absolutely shocked. Me, stressed? Yea, I was a busy college student, and always on the go, but I never thought of myself as a stressed out person. “Eeek,” I thought. Not good.

The fact of the matter is that many of us are so stressed that we don’t even take the time to help alleviate it. From work to babies to the boss from hell, little things in life make us stressed out to the max every single day.

But with today’s CoupMe at Beneski Wellness Center you won’t have to worry anymore! For only $49 you will receive not one, but two 45-minute massages. That’s two massages for under $50! If that won’t help relieve some tension, I don’t know what will. Click here to purchase NOW!


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