Take a Mini Summer Break. . . On a Cruise Ship!

Jealous of all your friends who got to go away on spring break this year, while you were stuck in the office? I know I was. Being my first year out of college for spring break, it was the first year I didn’t splurge on some expensive tropical destination. From Florida to Acapulco to Cancun, my friends and I definitely lived it up during college. 

But who’s to say you can’t still have fun in the working world? With today’s CoupMe, we’ll bring spring break to YOU. . . and you won’t even have to leave Boston or beg your boss for a week off work. How is that possible, you ask? You’ll embark on Boston’s Kick off Summer Party Cruise with more than 800 people looking to have a good time! The cruise starts at 8 p.m. and is three hours long, but you’re also invited to their pre party at swanky Splash Ultra Lounge as well as the after party that goes ’til 1 a.m. 

Aboard this three-story cruise boat, you’ll get free airbrushed tattoos, party favors, body painting and up to $1,000 in prize giveaways! You can also sneak off to the roof top bar to snag a kiss or catch some pretty sweet stargazing. 

For just $25, you’ll get two tickets for you and a friend to this mini summer vacay, and you won’t even have to dole out money on a plane ticket or wash the sand out of your bathing suit afterward. Now, that’s what I call a sweet deal. Buy until midnight tonight by clicking here!


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