Can’t Dance? No Problem. . .

There are a lot of things I’m not great at. My singing voice is meant for only the shower to hear, and I couldn’t catch a football for the life of me. But, my dancing skills are by far the worst of all my “talents.” It’s actually so bad that I avoid it at bars, and humiliate myself time and time and again whenever I attempt to “bust a move.” One time in college my friends even took me aside for a lesson in hopes it would improve my skills. It didn’t. I simply have no rhythm and that’s just how bad I am at dancing. 

That’s why I got excited for today’s CoupMe Deal. There is actually such a place that can teach hopeless, non-dancers like me to dance? You bet there is! Today’s deal with Supershag Dance Studios (with locations in Waltham and Charlestown) can transform even the most awkward folks into a dancing machine. 

Whether you want to impress your friends with hip hop, pole dancing, ballroom or Salsa, Supershag’s got you covered. Not only do they offer fun, engaging weekly classes, but they also hold private lessons, group lessons and even Dance Parties! No more hiding behind closed doors or sitting in the corner anymore. . . time let the inner ballerina out! 


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