Impress Your Date. . . With a Clean Car!

Girls will scrutinize the heck out of men on a first date…or third date even.  I’ve heard everything from having a little too much stubble, an overdose on hair gel, being TOO obnoxious (or TOO shy), or  even a less than perfect set of teeth. But an ugly or dirty car? Well, that simply takes the cake when it comes to a first impression. 

All you men out  there-don’t you dare go to pick up your sweetheart in a dirty, roughed up jeep! Stop right there. . . it’s time for a long, solid car wash. And no, I’m not talking about giving your car a few sprays with the hose in the backyard and calling it a day. Man up and take a trip to the car wash, where they’ll do everything for you, so by the time you’re done all you have to do is drive up like Prince Charming to ‘wow’ your Princess.

With today’s deal at Bubbles Car Wash, you won’t even have to put your foot on the pedal, as you and your filthy car are taken through car heaven. Your auto will be pampered to death-everything from Wheel Brightening and Tire Shine to a Triple Foam Wash and Dry! Purchase now for only $9 for a Triple Bubble Wash, and  get your baby back on the road in style!


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