Restaurant Friday!

I remember back in Elementary school we used to have “special days” during the week i.e. “Pizza Friday” once a month, the occasional “Ice Cream Day,” and even “Grinder Day.” Now that those days are far in the past, it’s a little sad not having these exciting days to look forward to. The only day I get pumped for these days is Friday at 5 p.m. because, well, it’s the weekend. 

Join CoupMe’s “Restaurant Fridays” to help bring back some of that childhood enthusiasm! As you may have noticed, every Friday we’ve been featuring one amazing restaurant in or around Boston because let’s face it, we love to eat and know you do too. We’ve featured some excellent restaurants recently, from Midwest Grill to G’Vanni’s Ristorante in the North End. And this Friday is Mantra in Downtown Boston, with a sophisticated, chic atmosphere and mouth-watering French-Indian fusion cuisine. Check out today’s deal (which will be up all weekend like all Friday Deals) to get $45 worth of zesty food and invigorating drinks for only $20. You can purchase now with just a click away

Look forward to our upcoming Restaurant Fridays, and join us as we incorporate more themed days throughout the week! Feel free to shoot us over any suggestions, because after all, CoupMe is all about you! 


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