Join the Zumba Craze: Behind the Scene Interview with a Certified Instructor!


Today’s deal at Samadhi gets you an entire month of unlimited group fitness classes for only $40, one being Zumba, the hottest new fitness craze. Check out an interview below with 21 year old Katie Sullivan, a certified Zumba instructor and senior at Endicott College, who gives you a behind-the-scene sneak peek into the class…

CoupMe: So, how would you best describe Zumba?

KS: I would say it’s a Latin Inspired fitness workout that combines a lot of core strengthening and overall cardio…it’s a dance party practically, with a new routine for every song!

CoupMe: What got you into the latest craze?

KS: Well, personally it was the dancing aspect for me. I like working out in general but the fact that every song you can make the moves your own is great. It’s awesome because you don’t even feel like you’re working out but you’re actually burning tons of calories!

CoupMe: How long have you been teaching? 

KS: Just a year now. I decided to teach because I knew it was a big craze and a lot of people didn’t know about it. People won’t go to other classes because they feel it’s too hard or too repetitive but Zumba was such a hit. Even people who haven’t ever danced…you definitely don’t have to be a dancer to try it!

CoupMe: Why do you (or the people who take your class) love it so much?

KS: Well, they say they love it because it’s such a different workout for them. They can come with a big group of friends and just have fun with it!

CoupMe: Do you feel better after you take a  class?

KS:  Oh ya! Personally as the teacher, I come out of there feeling great because everyone loves it, comes out with a smile and is always laughing. That really makes me feel good! I’ve also definitely noticed an improvement in my energy levels, and realize it’s something people actually want to do!

CoupMe: Who do you recommend try Zumba?

KS: Anyone can do it. I have girls in my class who are 20 years old, and also older women who take it back at home…You definitely don’t have to be in your 20s to try it out!

CoupMe: What are your other group fitness faves?

KS: I like step, kickboxing, and although I don’t do it a lot, I also like yoga for stress relief. But I’m definitely more of a high-energy kind of girl! 

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