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Planning a Party? Ya May Want to Read This First…

July 29, 2010

In a few weeks I am throwing a party. I don’t throw parties. I don’t even understand people who are constantly inviting scores of people to wander into their homes to sit around eating adorably small sandwiches and silently judge their host’s skills. On top of all of the critical brains at work, it seems that a plate is always ready to tip off a counter or a dog is waiting to jump up on your friend who has a deadly allergy. Too many things can go wrong! And yet, I am making a point to stand up to my fear and throw a party, to stare the beast in the eyes and conquer it. Wish me luck.

Perhaps it is a poor idea, but since deciding to throw this party, I have silently been coming up with a list of all the possible tragedies that might strike the celebration next week and some potential solutions. Maybe it will help me be prepared? Or perhaps it will simply psyche me out and make me have a panic attack before the party even gets started. Either way, I hope that by sharing this list you can enjoy, commiserate, and maybe even advise.


1.) Sometimes the people you invite aren’t always as genuine as they seem. Make sure that your favorite t-shirt hasn’t mysteriously disappeared after the party’s end. Keep an eye out for friends who bring in large, empty tote bags and leave with large, bulging tote bags. You never know.

2.) Serving Cranberry juice for people to drink in your living room where you’ve just put in a white rug. Probably not a good idea.

3.) If you’re having an outdoor party, make sure that the wolves from the woods nearby don’t get too close to the perimeter of your yard.*

4.) Party crashers always seem to pose a threat. You don’t want your cozy gathering of 10 to become a roof raising extravaganza of 200. That’s not fun for anyone.

5.) Make sure that all of your bathrooms are CLEARLY MARKED. If people can’t find a restroom when they need one you have no way of predicting what they’re capable of.

6.) If you are using assigned seating, make sure that you don’t seat your crazy friend next to your buttoned up second cousin. Keeping people from jabbing their dessert spoons into their neighbor’s eye halfway through dinner is simply exhausting for an already stressed out party host.

7.) Running out of ice. People get upset
So if you, like me, are nervous about hosting a party, stay calm and don’t pull your hair out just yet. Look over my list. Throwing a party can be scary – I won’t argue with that – but if you follow look out for these looming obstacles, you might just make it out alive. And who knows? It could even be fun.

Happy hosting,


*In case a wolf ever does encounter your party, don’t panic. Instead, party harder! Noise will scare the wolf and it should run away. It’s good to know – just in case.


Office Date Chat

July 29, 2010

So here at CoupMe our office is filled with young professionals, and naturally one of the topics that tends to come up is: dating. And what better day to talk about dating than DATE NIGHT? Hello, Thursday is totally the new Friday my friends-a night to try out a new trendy lounge, hit up a comedy club or simply walk around the city with some good friends. And today at CoupMe we’re celebrating date night all day long; not only are we offering two tickets to Dick’s Beantown Comedy Vault for only $15, but we’re also attending Boston Event Guide’s hottest Summer Party Cruise. Granted, most of us our going date-less, but what better way to enjoy a party than among hundreds of other single Bostonian’s?

Alas, check below for our very own (somewhat silly) CoupMe office dating rant video…enjoy! We wish you all a happy date night, and hope to see some of you aboard the ship!

~Rachel, CoupMe

Ravioli Troubles

July 28, 2010

Last night I attempted handmade butternut squash raviolis. They tasted very yummy, but I had trouble separating them. This resulted in several raviolis being more like a mush rather than individual squares.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Did I not use enough flour? Should I have strained each ravioli individually? I used a large pot, but maybe it was not large enough…

What’s Better Than a Night With Your Girls? A Night With Make Up, Refreshments and Your Girls!

July 27, 2010


When was the last time you and your friends had your make up done together? I know for me that day was highschool senior prom which is now a very distant memory!

With today’s Boston CoupMe deal you and three friends can rent out the specialty cosmetic store, A Matter of Face, all to yourselves for 3 hours! Enjoy local cuisine from a nearby Italian eatery with your girls while you have your make up professionally applied by the staff at A Matter of Face.

Spend this quality pampering time discussing where the rest of your ladies night out will be spent. Visit a nearby happening bar or lounge in the North End or Fanuel Hall. The men won’t know what to do with themselves as you and your friends walk through those doors looking and feeling sexy and beautiful!

This special treatment normally costs $40 a person, but with Today’s CoupMe all 4 of you are in for just $60!!!! + %15 offall purchases made that night!

Suprise the bride-to-be or Birthday girl with a night out that she’ll never forget! Even if it seems too far in advance, get this exlusive offer today and use it any time for the next two years!  (All purchases are in the store can be mailed or picked up anytime.)

There’s Still Hope to Squeeze into that LBD!

July 23, 2010

    Your New Year’s resolution was to shape up and eat healthy, but (surprise, surprise) it’s already almost August and you haven’t done a thing. No, your untouched gym membership you purchased six months ago and switching to diet soda does not count! Where the heck has all the time gone? While eating take out a little too much (OK, every day of the week) and counting your walk to your car as exercise has been working for now, reality is starting to hit hard. Not to mention the fact that you have to squeeze into a bridesmaid dress in less than a month! And what about that 10-year reunion coming up? Let’s not even go there…

    Doomed? Maybe not yet. While a couple treadmill sessions may not be able to save your butt, a little boot camp action and diet revamp may be just what you need. And Callie Durbrow with Durbrow Performance Training is here to help! Hate that annoying upper arm jiggle or embarrassing muffin top that creeps out of your jeans? Can’t stand clocking in long hours at the gym only to see no results? Not to mention you’re a busy, savvy Bostonian who simply doesn’t have the time for beating around the bush! Well, Callie will help you shape up the no-nonsense way, combining fat-melting cardio, body toning, resistance and tummy tightening core training all in one! Her hour-long boot camp sessions will perk you up before the day even begins and have you looking sexy in that Little Black Dress (or um…Little Black Suit) in no time.

     It’s unrealistic to expect to see changes from the same old unhealthy diet or treadmill routine you’ve been doing for years. I myself have been a culprit to those fantasy expectations. I’m going to the gym every day. I’m eating healthy, per se. Why am I not seeing any results? Well, in order to lose weight and tone up, you need to challenge yourself in new, unique ways and that’s exactly what you can expect from the invigorating boot camp classes with Durbrow Performance Training. Callie also works with clients to create a healthy nutrition plan to complement your new workout routine. So long greasy takeout pizza and leftover Mac ‘n’ Cheese from your kids lunch! It’s time to say goodbye for good, and Callie will be right by your side to ensure you do so. Yes, no more cheating ladies and gents!

     For more information on on Durbrow Performance Training and to see what Callie can do for you, visit! Like what you see? Snag today’s CoupMe to get a 3-week kick butt boot camp session with your very own nutrition plan (complete with more than 100 healthy recipes)!

Dolce & Gabbana…Cake?

July 23, 2010

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Scratch that. Who doesn’t love cake in general? I know every time I’m presented with a generous slice of rich chocolate cake or an itty-bitty colorful cupcake, it’s going to be a good day. Yes, even being the health nut I am, I still get excited about cake, cupcakes, and all that jazz at 23 years old.

Well, if you smile from cake in general, wait ‘til you see what local baker Rowena Sy-Santos from Kéyks is cooking up. Her creative, custom-made confections blow any old cake out of the water (er…out of the oven). These cakes simply aren’t just cakes; they’re  masterpieces.  From a Dolce & Gabbana hand purse to mock up cars, her cakes look so real and so darn beautiful that you almost don’t want to ruin it with your fork. Now, that’s something worth looking into! Why show up to your nephew’s birthday party with a boring ol’ vanilla cake when you can show up with Elmo or a baseball hat of his favorite sports team…and eat it too? And these cakes aren’t just for kids by any means.  Your fashionable, hip friend loves Coach but can’t afford her own bag? Why not surprise her with a beautiful Coach cake instead to brighten her day?

Be sure to visit to find out more info about this local cake master! Like what you see? Check out today’s sweet CoupMe deal, getting you three custom made cupcakes for only $7!

Party Cruise with CoupMe

July 21, 2010

Finally the event we have all been waiting to feature is here! Tomorrow’s CoupMe Deal is going to be a party extravaganza that will be raved about by all who attend. For just $25 for two tickets with our exclusive offer, join the CoupMe team aboard the MV Provincetown II on July 29th to party and dance the night away from 8 to 11 p.m. on the three-story party boat. This will be the 10th annual summer cruise, and now it is your chance to get in the action! You and over 800 guests will mingle among the stars as the boat sails along the river while jamming out to D.J. “Samuel L” who’ll be spinning dance beats throughout the night.

Start the party early at Splash Ultra Lounge from 5-7 p.m. with some decadent cocktails and tasty appetizers. Don’t wait another minute to tell your friends, co-workers, boyfriends and girlfriends about this amazing offer to an unforgettable night! Offer is only available till Midnight tomorrow!!

Different Food Tips from “Cook This, Not That”: An Affordable Approach to Weight Loss

July 20, 2010

Tonight we are cooking: Spicy Mahi Mahi and Mango Tacos from Jillian’s cookbook. My friend and I are heading over to my brother’s to cook for him and his wife as they chase after my adorable 2-year-old niece and 5-month-old twin boys. They can use all the cooking they can get and they’re quite the fish taco lovers! Stay tuned CoupMe fan’s – soon enough we will be posting our favorite recipes and want you to post yours too.

I have a new cookbook that my Mom recently purchased me to accompany my new cooking phase. The tips and fun facts in this are not only helpful, but almost mind blowing. It states that the people who eat with napkins in their laps tend to have lower body mass indexes. It would be hard to prove such numbers, but in theory I suppose it makes sense. Perhaps we should all be a little bit more polite while eating?

Did you know that coffee is the richest source of antioxidants in the American diet? The cream and sugar is what turns your 10 calorie cup of coffee to an 80 calorie cup of coffee. If you drink this ‘sugary version’ every day once a day, you are on track to gain at least 7 pounds in a year. Small price to pay I suppose in order to avoid the grueling headache’s I’m sure many of us suffer from a caffeine addiction. Fortunately for me, I have yet to develop one.

Fun fact that our men subscribers will enjoy: men who moderately drink alcohol three to seven days a week are 32% less likely to have the risk of heart attack than men who drink alcohol less than once a week. Who would have thought?

More fun tips to come!

~Becky, CoupMe

Fit, Fabulous and Fun Recipe

July 20, 2010

 Waking up on the wrong side of the couch, yes the couch, after a long night of partying left me feeling in that lazy, indulgent and self-pitying way that a couple too many cocktails the evening before can do. So, what did I do? I’d love to say this is where the fit, fabulous and fun recipe was contrived, but that would make me a terrible liar. No, this is the moment where I nuzzled up with that fluffy blanket and decided ordering chicken wings was a wonderful idea. And oh, it was!..Until the indigestion kicked in that is.

So, after acting like I was still in college and scarfing wings and watching a ridiculous movie marathon, I got my butt in check and hit the gym. (I really didn’t believe I’d make it, but fortunately I survived!) Feeling a bit more like myself I knew dinner had to be nice and light. After assessing my pantry and produce drawer I noticed I had most ingredients to make a fresh Asian inspired dish; behold the lettuce wrap!

Ingredients:(for 3-4 people)

Produce:     Head of Iceberg lettuce,  2 Bell peppers of any color( I prefer yellow and orange,) a yellow onion, a red onion, bag of slaw, a lime(cut into wedges), 1 pear.

Meat:            About 24 ounces ( 6 oz pp) of whatever meat you prefer, or tofu for a vegetarian option. (On this occasion I had some sirloin pieces left over.)

Condiments:  Any teryaki or asian style sauce, a few Tbsp of minced garlic, few sprigs of fresh parsley, and an oil or oil spray for pan, Greeek style yogurt, Miso dressing, Siracha Hot sauce


1) Marinate protein in garlic, parsley and teryaki style sauce for an hour-a day

2) Separate head of lettuce so you’re left with big pieces for wrapping (wash and pat dry)

3)Julianne the peppers (fancy term for cut into thin strips), slice yellow and red onions about the same size as the peppers, slice lime into wedges, and slice pear into thin strips as well

4) Heat Saute pan. While that heats up, mix a tsp of Miso, 2 tbsp of Greek yogurt, a little Siracha (to your spiciness liking.) Once all combined toss with slaw and put into the fridge.

5) In heated pan, cook peppers and yellow onions till soft with a bit of a bite ( about 7 minutes)

6) Take veggies out of pan, add protein and cook till preferred doneness( chicken-THOROUGHLY!, red meat till a little pink, tofu-till nice caramalized look)

7)Put out sliced pears, sliced red onions, slaw with dressing and lime wedges. ( These are all for your topping pleasure!)

8) Get Dirty! Wrap some protein, fruit and veggie combo (maybe top with some dried edamame or slivered almonds to add that extra crunch too-both healthy options!)

So, long story,  hangovers can be cured with a lot of water intake, a lot of sweating and some tasty home cooked food..and sometimes a few wings (just for breakfast of course!)

Cheers From Lana 🙂

Date?..Like, via Skype?

July 16, 2010

 Maybe the kids will get it…

A very popular topic of discussion among my friends and I these days, and always to honest, brings forth the subject of dating. Dating. What does that even mean anymore? Why are my mom and dad so shocked to hear that I am not continuously being asked out by anyone? What am I doing wrong to make me utterly unapproachable?

 Not to toot my own horn, but I feel like any guy would be lucky to date me, once or a million times. Forget myself even for a minute. I look around at all of my girlfriends who are intelligent, funny, beautiful and confident and they are hitting the same road block in today’s dating scene. Which proves one thing, there is almost no “real” dating anymore.

It seems as though the days of courtship are long gone and have been sadly replaced by “sexting,” I-chatting and “BBM” convos. I know, I know, I am old school, 23 years old and already a cynic of my generation. But I will validate myself by saying…GUYS! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE FEMALES! Okay, maybe that wasn’t any sort of validation at all, but in all seriousness, please, we are begging you to go ask your fathers, your grandfathers or your mailman for all we care and get some courage to ask out a girl the old-fashioned way.

Okay, now something you ladies may not want to hear. We will continue to get asked out via text on these casual “group dates” with co-workers Joe, Sean and Tosha if we so casually accept these terms and give these guys nothing to work for. It may seem harsh, but the truth is, if a guy can hang out with you on his terms, with his buddies at his local bar, well, he will.

So what is really happening here? Why are all of us, women and men alike in our 20’s and 30’s so estranged on the dating front? As many articles have been written about this and current research studies being done, I know one thing for sure. If honest dating ceases to occur because we are too reliant on virtual communication at work and in our social lives, well, Apple better come up with some serious vibrating apps!

Ha! But honestly, we cannot blame any one thing, but we can change. I mean, isn’t that the freakin’ theme of America these days? So, stop reading this virtual conversation and get out there people!

Hope to see you there 😉

 Cheers from Lana from the CoupMe team.