CoupMe Some Sushi, Please!

Yes, the day has come…finally a phenomenal CoupMe sushi deal! That is, just $15 for $30 worth of fresh, creative rolls at Gari Japanese Fusion in Brookline. Being a “sushi queen”, I was exceptionally excited about today’s deal. I’m not going to lie; I could literally eat sushi every meal, every day of the week.  What’s not to love about delicious fresh fish all wrapped up into seaweed, rice and other spicy goodness? 

I went over to Gari to check it out for myself and let’s just say I was more than impressed. Their Spicy Tuna (my favorite) was everything I expected and more, with just the right mix of crunch and spice. And my friend devoured her Torched King Salmon Roll before I could even snag a bite. That’s when you know it’s top of the line sushi; when it’s simply too tempting to just sit there on your plate and you simply can’t get your chopsticks into it quick enough. 

The good news is that our amazing deal will be up on our site for the entire weekend! So snag your CoupMe now, grab a few friends, and bring your best appetite because at Gari you’re going to want to indulge. . .


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