Have a Say at CoupMe!

CoupMe is all about “me,” and that “me” is YOU! So we want you to have a say on what goes on behind the scenes. As you know, we’re a Boston-based company so we’d love to support Boston-based bloggers! Manage a blog about your favorite restaurants or know a friend who writes daily about the BEST shopping deals in the city? We want to hear from you and we’d love to link you to our page. 

My names Rachel (our behind the scene blogger, writer, video gal) and I started my own blog called “Healthy Chicks” on fitness tips, healthy eats and other ways to simply be happy. Check out my blog and feel free to question, comment and post away! If you have a blog you’d LOVE to be featured on our site, please let us know. Email us blog@coupme.com. Look forward to hearing from you soon!


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