Hot Diet Tips: Becky’s Take on Jillian Michael’s Cook Book!

One of our lovely CoupMe employees, Becky, dishes about Jillian Michael’s cook book and how to practice a healthier summer diet in the Bean. Enjoy…and feel free to share your health and fitness tips below!

Obviously we all love to indulge in delicious meals and expensive dinners. I personally would prefer the wine and dine option over cooking any day. Yet, there is a certain comfort and satisfaction in having the ability to prepare a healthy, delicious meal for your family, friends, but most importantly yourself.

My best friend and I have recently become fans of Jillian Michael’s cookbook, Master Your Metabolism. All of the ingredients used in her recipes benefit your body in some way. We all know that we cannot survive without food and that it is the fuel that keeps us running. Many of us do not realize that certain foods do certain things to better our well being, health, and over all happiness. It is extraordinary how the food we are eating every day is increasing our immune system, strengthening our brain power or heart, and so much more. Asparagus for example is a magician that helps decrease the appearance of the oh so unwanted varicose veins that somehow appear on our legs in our twenties, thirties, and beyond.

Every food choice clearly affects your body in some way. I can attest to the awful feeling in my stomach after feasting on a buffalo chicken wrap (my favorite, guilty indulgence). I know that despite the utter deliciousness, every ounce of that scrumptious fried chicken is heading straight for my hips and stomach. Surprisingly enough, even your healthy food choices can somehow cause an imbalance. I was shocked to learn that strawberries and peaches have a negative effect on one’s thyroid. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the function of your thyroid, it accounts for how much oxygen each cell uses. You can imagine the amount of bodily functions that impacts. People with overactive and under active thyroids must take medicine to regulate their thyroids function in order to maintain a healthy weight. If you do not encounter problems with your thyroid, then I would suggest eating these in moderation just to avoid any possibilities of developing a thyroid problem. In fact, any fruit with skin helps prevent cancer. So I guess it is true what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Additionally, as pricey as it may be, organic is the way to go. When food is locally produced it assures you that you are consuming the freshest produce which provides the ultimate amount of nutrients. Most importantly, eating organic helps avoid pesticides and other chemicals. The conventional meat and dairy industry has also used a large amount of antibiotics with their animals. Let’s think about the basic cow. What is the image you see? I could assume that your cow is probably eating grass, correct? Well many cows are being fed corn instead of their preferred dinner plate of fresh green grass. Corn is America’s cash crop so it only makes sense for business owners to force cows to eat such a readily available food source. Unfortunately cows do not know how to properly digest corn. Cows are selected mainly on their ability to stay healthy while consuming corn. This explains why there are antibiotics being fed to the animals we are consuming which results in us being more vulnerable to dangerous bacteria.

The way you cook your food also impacts the amount of nutrient consumption. Steamed broccoli seems like such a healthy option. No oils, butters, or extra ingredients are required. Just water and that beautiful green flower. Little do you know steaming vegetables on your stove loses majority of the broccoli’s nutritional value. Even more surprising, raw broccoli does not capture all of the wonderful nutrients broccoli has to offer. Broccoli is mostly made up of water and fiber and has very few calories. It additionally is a cancer fighter. Clearly it is a very resourceful vegetable so make sure you are eating it right! Jillian suggests cooking broccoli together with tomatoes to capture both foods’ ultimate nutritional value! If you would prefer broccoli by itself, there have been no proven studies about negative side effects from cooking it in the microwave. So lay on a sheet of saran wrap over a microwavable bowl. Cook it for 4-5 minutes and toss a table spoon of olive oil in it with some salt and pepper.

These are just some fun facts to better help your Boston summer diet. While you are out enjoying your delicious meals in the New England area, make sure there are plenty of herbs and spices included along with all of these helpful hints! 

~Becky, CoupMe


3 Responses to “Hot Diet Tips: Becky’s Take on Jillian Michael’s Cook Book!”

  1. Janel Says:

    I loved this book! As a dietitian, I was afraid Jillian would be talking about a lot of bogus nutrition claims but she really gets to the point and is spot on. I’ve been recommending this book to so many people! Thanks for the review.

    • Becky Says:

      Janel! Thank you so much for your response! We would love for you to publish your own diet tips including any recipes you may have found that are healthy and delicious.

      Last night my friend and I actually made the Curried Chicken with Lime-Cilantro Sauce and it was delicious! It had such a different taste and it was fun cooking with Indian spices that I have never used before.

      I plan on writing many more helpful tips from her cookbook and more. I haven’t read the original book yet so any tips you have gathered, please post them!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Wow, you just got me really excited about my diet. I think I may just have to order this book and give it a try! Your review really caught my attention and lifted my diet spirits:)

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