Date?..Like, via Skype?

 Maybe the kids will get it…

A very popular topic of discussion among my friends and I these days, and always to honest, brings forth the subject of dating. Dating. What does that even mean anymore? Why are my mom and dad so shocked to hear that I am not continuously being asked out by anyone? What am I doing wrong to make me utterly unapproachable?

 Not to toot my own horn, but I feel like any guy would be lucky to date me, once or a million times. Forget myself even for a minute. I look around at all of my girlfriends who are intelligent, funny, beautiful and confident and they are hitting the same road block in today’s dating scene. Which proves one thing, there is almost no “real” dating anymore.

It seems as though the days of courtship are long gone and have been sadly replaced by “sexting,” I-chatting and “BBM” convos. I know, I know, I am old school, 23 years old and already a cynic of my generation. But I will validate myself by saying…GUYS! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE FEMALES! Okay, maybe that wasn’t any sort of validation at all, but in all seriousness, please, we are begging you to go ask your fathers, your grandfathers or your mailman for all we care and get some courage to ask out a girl the old-fashioned way.

Okay, now something you ladies may not want to hear. We will continue to get asked out via text on these casual “group dates” with co-workers Joe, Sean and Tosha if we so casually accept these terms and give these guys nothing to work for. It may seem harsh, but the truth is, if a guy can hang out with you on his terms, with his buddies at his local bar, well, he will.

So what is really happening here? Why are all of us, women and men alike in our 20’s and 30’s so estranged on the dating front? As many articles have been written about this and current research studies being done, I know one thing for sure. If honest dating ceases to occur because we are too reliant on virtual communication at work and in our social lives, well, Apple better come up with some serious vibrating apps!

Ha! But honestly, we cannot blame any one thing, but we can change. I mean, isn’t that the freakin’ theme of America these days? So, stop reading this virtual conversation and get out there people!

Hope to see you there 😉

 Cheers from Lana from the CoupMe team.


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