Different Food Tips from “Cook This, Not That”: An Affordable Approach to Weight Loss

Tonight we are cooking: Spicy Mahi Mahi and Mango Tacos from Jillian’s cookbook. My friend and I are heading over to my brother’s to cook for him and his wife as they chase after my adorable 2-year-old niece and 5-month-old twin boys. They can use all the cooking they can get and they’re quite the fish taco lovers! Stay tuned CoupMe fan’s – soon enough we will be posting our favorite recipes and want you to post yours too.

I have a new cookbook that my Mom recently purchased me to accompany my new cooking phase. The tips and fun facts in this are not only helpful, but almost mind blowing. It states that the people who eat with napkins in their laps tend to have lower body mass indexes. It would be hard to prove such numbers, but in theory I suppose it makes sense. Perhaps we should all be a little bit more polite while eating?

Did you know that coffee is the richest source of antioxidants in the American diet? The cream and sugar is what turns your 10 calorie cup of coffee to an 80 calorie cup of coffee. If you drink this ‘sugary version’ every day once a day, you are on track to gain at least 7 pounds in a year. Small price to pay I suppose in order to avoid the grueling headache’s I’m sure many of us suffer from a caffeine addiction. Fortunately for me, I have yet to develop one.

Fun fact that our men subscribers will enjoy: men who moderately drink alcohol three to seven days a week are 32% less likely to have the risk of heart attack than men who drink alcohol less than once a week. Who would have thought?

More fun tips to come!

~Becky, CoupMe


One Response to “Different Food Tips from “Cook This, Not That”: An Affordable Approach to Weight Loss”

  1. Andrei Gravura Says:

    Super writing. You have gained a new fan. Please maintain the fabulous posts and I look forward to more of your newsworthy updates.

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