Fit, Fabulous and Fun Recipe

 Waking up on the wrong side of the couch, yes the couch, after a long night of partying left me feeling in that lazy, indulgent and self-pitying way that a couple too many cocktails the evening before can do. So, what did I do? I’d love to say this is where the fit, fabulous and fun recipe was contrived, but that would make me a terrible liar. No, this is the moment where I nuzzled up with that fluffy blanket and decided ordering chicken wings was a wonderful idea. And oh, it was!..Until the indigestion kicked in that is.

So, after acting like I was still in college and scarfing wings and watching a ridiculous movie marathon, I got my butt in check and hit the gym. (I really didn’t believe I’d make it, but fortunately I survived!) Feeling a bit more like myself I knew dinner had to be nice and light. After assessing my pantry and produce drawer I noticed I had most ingredients to make a fresh Asian inspired dish; behold the lettuce wrap!

Ingredients:(for 3-4 people)

Produce:     Head of Iceberg lettuce,  2 Bell peppers of any color( I prefer yellow and orange,) a yellow onion, a red onion, bag of slaw, a lime(cut into wedges), 1 pear.

Meat:            About 24 ounces ( 6 oz pp) of whatever meat you prefer, or tofu for a vegetarian option. (On this occasion I had some sirloin pieces left over.)

Condiments:  Any teryaki or asian style sauce, a few Tbsp of minced garlic, few sprigs of fresh parsley, and an oil or oil spray for pan, Greeek style yogurt, Miso dressing, Siracha Hot sauce


1) Marinate protein in garlic, parsley and teryaki style sauce for an hour-a day

2) Separate head of lettuce so you’re left with big pieces for wrapping (wash and pat dry)

3)Julianne the peppers (fancy term for cut into thin strips), slice yellow and red onions about the same size as the peppers, slice lime into wedges, and slice pear into thin strips as well

4) Heat Saute pan. While that heats up, mix a tsp of Miso, 2 tbsp of Greek yogurt, a little Siracha (to your spiciness liking.) Once all combined toss with slaw and put into the fridge.

5) In heated pan, cook peppers and yellow onions till soft with a bit of a bite ( about 7 minutes)

6) Take veggies out of pan, add protein and cook till preferred doneness( chicken-THOROUGHLY!, red meat till a little pink, tofu-till nice caramalized look)

7)Put out sliced pears, sliced red onions, slaw with dressing and lime wedges. ( These are all for your topping pleasure!)

8) Get Dirty! Wrap some protein, fruit and veggie combo (maybe top with some dried edamame or slivered almonds to add that extra crunch too-both healthy options!)

So, long story,  hangovers can be cured with a lot of water intake, a lot of sweating and some tasty home cooked food..and sometimes a few wings (just for breakfast of course!)

Cheers From Lana 🙂


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