There’s Still Hope to Squeeze into that LBD!

    Your New Year’s resolution was to shape up and eat healthy, but (surprise, surprise) it’s already almost August and you haven’t done a thing. No, your untouched gym membership you purchased six months ago and switching to diet soda does not count! Where the heck has all the time gone? While eating take out a little too much (OK, every day of the week) and counting your walk to your car as exercise has been working for now, reality is starting to hit hard. Not to mention the fact that you have to squeeze into a bridesmaid dress in less than a month! And what about that 10-year reunion coming up? Let’s not even go there…

    Doomed? Maybe not yet. While a couple treadmill sessions may not be able to save your butt, a little boot camp action and diet revamp may be just what you need. And Callie Durbrow with Durbrow Performance Training is here to help! Hate that annoying upper arm jiggle or embarrassing muffin top that creeps out of your jeans? Can’t stand clocking in long hours at the gym only to see no results? Not to mention you’re a busy, savvy Bostonian who simply doesn’t have the time for beating around the bush! Well, Callie will help you shape up the no-nonsense way, combining fat-melting cardio, body toning, resistance and tummy tightening core training all in one! Her hour-long boot camp sessions will perk you up before the day even begins and have you looking sexy in that Little Black Dress (or um…Little Black Suit) in no time.

     It’s unrealistic to expect to see changes from the same old unhealthy diet or treadmill routine you’ve been doing for years. I myself have been a culprit to those fantasy expectations. I’m going to the gym every day. I’m eating healthy, per se. Why am I not seeing any results? Well, in order to lose weight and tone up, you need to challenge yourself in new, unique ways and that’s exactly what you can expect from the invigorating boot camp classes with Durbrow Performance Training. Callie also works with clients to create a healthy nutrition plan to complement your new workout routine. So long greasy takeout pizza and leftover Mac ‘n’ Cheese from your kids lunch! It’s time to say goodbye for good, and Callie will be right by your side to ensure you do so. Yes, no more cheating ladies and gents!

     For more information on on Durbrow Performance Training and to see what Callie can do for you, visit! Like what you see? Snag today’s CoupMe to get a 3-week kick butt boot camp session with your very own nutrition plan (complete with more than 100 healthy recipes)!


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