Ravioli Troubles

Last night I attempted handmade butternut squash raviolis. They tasted very yummy, but I had trouble separating them. This resulted in several raviolis being more like a mush rather than individual squares.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Did I not use enough flour? Should I have strained each ravioli individually? I used a large pot, but maybe it was not large enough…


3 Responses to “Ravioli Troubles”

  1. Mary O. Says:

    There are a few reasons why your raviolis stuck together my first thought is over crowding in the boiling water. Next time try cooking in batches and once they float to the top they should be done.
    Also try adding in a little olive oil to your water too it will help with sticking once they start to come up front the bottom of the pan give them a genital stir. also add a bit of salt to the water too this will help control water temp in between batches and during the cooking. (I use sea salt you will not need as much as table salt and is supposed to me better for you)
    Last if they fell apart easy when cooking try using egg white mixture instead of water to seal the edges of the pasta I find it makes a better seal.
    Good luck they look very nice.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Mary O gives great advice. I have been making handmade ravioli since 1985 for a small business called Dabruzzis in Wisconsin. Over the years we have gotten it down to a science. When cooking the ravioli, do not put too many in the pan. Also, do not have the water be boiling. You want it to be just below the boiling point. Hot, but not boiling.

    I only add oil to the water when I am going to keep the ravioli in the water for an extended period of time. For example, we used to do store demos every weekend. We would put a few tablespoons of corn oil (extra virgin olive oil would be better, but corn oil is cheaper…and we use it in our dough, so we have it in house) in the water, make them easier to handle and they don’t stick together. (Again, not over filling the container is important too).

    The one other thing that might have happened that caused your ravioli to stick together, is lack of stirring. It is important to gently stir your ravioli a couple of times during the cooking process.

    Over cooking the ravioli can cause them to stick together too, but they would taste a bit too soft…this is a difficult thing to measure because how firm or soft to cook pasta is a personal choice.

    If this is a picture of the ravioli you made, they look awesome!

  3. CoupMe Says:

    Thank you for both of your responses, Mary and Sharon! Your suggestions were really helpful. I think it was cooking them all in the same pot at the same time that did me in. There was no room for stirring.

    My recipe did not suggest olive oil, only salt. Being that this was my first time making handmade raviolis, I opted to stick to the instructions. Next time I will know better!

    If you ladies have any healthy, yummy ravioli recipes..please share them. I’d love to try a different recipe out!
    ~Becky, CoupMe

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