Scavenger Hunts…for Adults?

I’ve always found scavenger hunts to be a pretty good times. When I was a little kid, the Easter Bunny would send my sister and I on a hunt to find our hidden Easter baskets. Then senior year of high school, the entire class was sent off into groups to find things like street signs, condoms and certain underclassmen’s bras (but that’s a whole different story). Anywho, I’d pretty much given up on the concept of scavenger hunts; that is until I came across the People Scavenger Hunt, shining an entirely new light on the hunt.

WHAT? A scavenger hunt…for people? Yes, you heard that right my friend. Boston Event Guide’s hosting this unique, amusing event for all types: college grads, bachelors, single women, young professionals looking to mingle, older professionals looking to network…the list goes on and on. Once you check in with your discounted $10 CoupMe ticket  , you’ll be set off to people hunt. Whether your task entails making someone get down and do the Macarena or finding a generous someone to buy you a drink, it’s sure to be a hilarious, unforgettable time. And hey, it definitely beats searching for that golden Easter egg.


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