Top Five Tennis Tips for the Ultimate Couper

1.) Watch the ball and your CoupMe! It is vitally important to watch the ball until it makes contact with your racket. As for your CoupMe, watch that sucker print out then go on your way to enjoy that ultimate spa experience.

2.) Move your feet! You have to have quick feet. Don’t run aimlessly around the court with big steps and lose your balance. Take big steps toward the ball and as you approach make smaller, gallant strides to keep your balance while you hit the ball. As for your CoupMe, don’t walk to the business..RUN! As soon as you get to the business take slow strides as well..and wipe your face from all that sweat.

3.) Keep your head up after you serve. Keeping your head up and steady will help you watch the ball all the way to the point of contact. If you drop your head you will be off balance. (Watch out Andy Roddick!)

4.) Follow through after every swing. The most important aspect of tennis is your follow through. Make sure with your forehand you catch the racket with your oppositie hand as your follow through. As for your backhand, make sure your shoulders are perpendiclur to the net and the front of your body is facing either the fence or wall. (Depends where you play) As for your CoupMes, once you buy..follow through and go use that mind-blowing and tantalizing service you bought!

5.) The two most important points in Tennis are, 1.) Your serve- Without the ability to get your serve in play, there will be no match. 2.) The return of serve. If your opponent can’t return your serve you will never lose your service game. The two most important things to remember about CoupMe are 1.) Get in on the deal before we sell out! 2. ) Tell your friends! The more people you tell the more CoupMe credits you can use!

Overall Tennis is a freeing activity that can be enjoyed at any age and picked up at any point in life. Remember “Speed in tennis is a strange mixture of intuition, guesswork, footwork and hair-trigger reflexes.” E.S

~”J”, CoupMe


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