With October Just Around the Corner..

It’s that time of year. We no longer casually watch a Sunday afternoon game. We no longer have the game on in the background of what we are doing. This is the time when we get frustrated when they leave men on base or when a pitcher somehow just can’t handle throwing a simple throw over to first base for an easy out. It’s the time of year when we check our phones constantly to find out the score of the Yankees or Rays game. All to see if we are getting one step closer or one step further back.

We tend to blog about things to do in Boston, but maybe it is time to blog about the one thing all Bostonians know and love: the Boston Red Sox. I personally am a victim. I went to two games this week to continue celebrating my Dad’s birthday. We attended the Newport Winefest on Sunday to begin the celebrations followed by a very enjoyable dinner at 22 Bowens. First let me say that the Newport Winefest was absolutely fabulous as I am sure many of you can attest to. We all took our Newport Winefest CoupMe’s and had an amazing afternoon sampling different wines from all over the world. My Dad even convinced the Narragansett Beer table to give him their Narragansett Beer Bucket for free.

We then continued my Dad’s birthday at Fenway Park Monday night. Fortunately the rain held off. Met Dad again there on Tuesday night, but we spent all of our time inside Game On waiting for the game to get called. Headed back there last night to make up for Tuesday night to see the B-Team basically blow what could have been a huge win. Maybe if Beltre didn’t get thrown out by a rookie ump.

More importantly, my Dad is one of the many who lives and breathes Red Sox baseball. Yes, he loves all Boston sports, but the Red Sox have risen in importance high above the rest. This feeling has naturally passed on to his three children and I am sure he will instill his passion in his grandkids as well.

We were discussing the other day my first memory of obsessing over the Sox. I recall back during what I believe was the ’95 season when the Globe (..I’m pretty sure it was the Globe) had printed full page images of the current team. Mo Vaugh was placed right next to the door to my room. I had Wakefield, Tim Naehring, Jose Canseco, and Troy O’Leary hanging up all over my room. I remember my sister took John Valentin because she thought he was cute. I believe I was seven years old.

My Dad shared a story with me on Tuesday night as we were waiting for the rain to hopefully stop. I was around the same age of seven and he took me to a game with one of his clients from California. It was a situation similar to the one we ran into the other night. It was pouring, the game was likely to be postponed, but that time when I was seven, we were waiting inside Fenway instead of Game On. He told me that despite the rain, I kept walking down to the dugout to see what was going on and when the game would start.

I suppose I have become wiser over the years. I now opt to waiting inside nice and dry with a plate of delicious Nachos in front of my face instead of checking on the status of the game every so often.

So the question that I pose to my fellow Bostonians: What are your earliest Red Sox memories?


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