My Smoothies Could Be a Little Smoother

Well not entirely..

But I do need help! Smoothies are a great way to start your day. They are super filling and quite yummy. Lately I’ve been using non-fat vanilla yogurt with strawberries and bananas or non-fat vanilla yogurt with all different kinds of berries. It’s been tasting rather tart though. I think I am going to try orange juice with mango, banana, and strawberries. I can’t take credit for the creation, Trident Book Store and Cafe on Newbury came up with it. It was so yummy though, I would love more than anything to have one right now.

Now I know for breakfast, you are supposed to have a serving of vegetables, fruit, and protein. I couldn’t imagine veggies in a smoothie, but maybe there’s some delicious combination I have no idea about.

Either way, I am looking for some quick, EASY, but yummy and healthy breakfast options. Smoothies are great because they’re so simple, but there’s only so many days I can consume all of that fruit before I need some real substance to start my day.


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