How About Some Cheese with That Whine?

Well really, nobody here is whining. But! I have recently discovered some unique and delicious cheeses that have become new favorites.

I love cheese and crackers. It leads the favorite food combo chart right up there with buffalo chicken and blue cheese dressing. Naturally these two things are not the healthiest dining options, but we all have our indulgences. We actually have a drawer in the refrigerator dedicated to all different kinds of cheese. My friends find it quite comical.

I recently learned about the website, We sampled some igourmet cheese products last weekend. Everything from sharp cheddar to cheese with truffles. Absolutely delicious! After viewing the website that is based out of Philly, I learned they offer a wide variety of different specialties. I never thought about ordering cheese off-line, but this website may have just changed my opinion!

I also recently tried wasabi cheese and buffalo chicken cheese. If you haven’t picked up on my love for buffalo chicken quite yet, well then I’ll have you know, I obviously purchased the buffalo chicken cheese. I’m considering serving it with some crackers and maybe some blue cheese crumbles. It seems silly to serve cheese with cheese, but you can’t have buffalo chicken without blue cheese! I sure just said cheese a lot.

Have you recently come across any specialty cheeses that have stolen your taste buds? Please share! I love these crafty products and websites and want to learn about more.


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