Things to do, movies to see during Labor Day weekend

Believe it or not, Labor Day weekend is already upon us. Hard to believe that it’s a faux pas to wear white already, considering it feels like we just raised our glasses to send 2009 off.

Regardless, the long weekend is here and the weather looks to be calming back down – Hurricane Earl’s impending wrath aside. So this raises the question of what to do with this extra time off.

Cookouts are an easy crowd pleaser. Throw some hot dogs and/or burgers on and invite the neighbors over for some cool drinks. Aside from morning showers, Saturday and Sunday look like they’ll be perfect days for such an event around Boston.

If the reports are wrong and Earl’s reign is worse than expected, travel to the local theatre. This weekend’s releases cover the gambit for those with different interests. The American, starring George Clooney as an assassin working overseas, is sure to keep thriller fans intrigued. More of a chick flick lover? Watch real-life couple Justin Long and Drew Barrymore attempt to keep their long-distance relationship afloat in Going in the Distance. Want something more testosterone driven, having already seen The Expendables? Try Robert Rodriguez’s new revenge flick, Machete, which Grindhouse fans might remember as one of the fake trailers shown in between the film’s two features.

You can keep that testosterone pumping Saturday night too, when WWE Smackdown invades UMass Boston. If that’s not your bag, there’s great nightlife to behold elsewhere. Looking for a romantic time out? Try the Top of the Hub, located high up the Prudential Building, where friends or couples can sit, look out over the city and listen to a live jazz band. In the mood for great seafood? The Sail Loft in the North End offers terrific food and great views, located right on top of the harbor. For those located a little outside of the city, you can jump on today’s CoupMe deal for $30 worth of seafood at The Village Fish in Needham for only $15! (Click here for more details.)

While out, you might even run into some professional golfers. As is the annual tradition, the Deutsche Bank Championship is held every first weekend in September in Norton, MA at the TPC Boston. Fans can purchase tickets to the event – which finishes on the 6th – through Ticketmaster.

Happen to be a tattoo enthusiast? On September 3-6, the Boston Sheraton hotel will host the ninth annual Boston Tattoo Convention and become home to artists, collectors, shops, vendors and performers. Those interested can also buy tickets online.

More interested in small boats? Head out to Gloucester, where the 26th annual Gloucester Schooner Festival is taking place starting Saturday and running through Monday. The event typically has nearly 50 ships involved in several races and events, including the running of the “Mayor’s Race,” on Sunday.

You can get the prototypical Boston experience this weekend as well by throwing on your Sawx jersey and heading on up to Kenmore Square. While the hometown nine have struggled lately, they face their different-colored-clothing adversaries in the Chicago White Sox, who now carry with them once-renown hero Manny Ramirez. If you attend Friday night’s game, look out for the boo birds when Manny takes the plate for his first at bat. Those able to get tickets for Monday’s game will see a match-up against the rival Tampa Bay Rays, which – depending on the standings at the time – could determine the BoSox’ postseason fate.

So whatever you choose to do, enjoy the long weekend and the remaining couple weeks left before the leaves begin to turn color. Stay safe from Earl!

– Seth, CoupMe


One Response to “Things to do, movies to see during Labor Day weekend”

  1. Dianne and Zack Needle Says:

    Hi Seth,
    Zack and I enjoyed the article!! Good job! Zack especially liked seeing your name at the end of the article. Enjoy your day!
    Di and Zack

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