Why The Occasional Splurge is Oh So Worth it

Back in college, before I entered the “real world,” I’d pamper myself all the time. Mani pedis every weekend, tanning (now I know that was bad for me), the occasional massage, makeup galore. After all, rent was cheap, I had a meal plan, and my parents helped me out here and there. Simply put: I was living the dream.

Well, now that I’ve been a member of the “real world club” for more than a year, you’d think I could afford the same kind of indulgences as my younger self. But it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Now that I have my own money, I try extremely hard to budget my hard-earned dough. Instead of spending it on beauty products and spa days, the majority goes toward my expensive rent, groceries, going out and laundry (blah).

Then I went home last weekend and reality hit when my mom brought attention to my lack of beauty upkeep. I had split ends and, god for bid, chipped, unpolished toenails. Eek! Thankfully, she immediately took me to the local spa for an emergency pedicure. And boy did it feel good, in turn making me feel good about myself all week long…and I’m going on week #2 (those pedicures last forever!)

Lesson learned: As much as we try to budget in the Bean, we must remember to treat ourselves to some solid, old-fashioned pampering one in a while. Sure, daily blowouts, weekly pedicures and monthly massages are a little far-fetched, but the occasional treat is oh so worth it! Plus with CoupMe on your side, you can indulge and budget your money at the same time. If your nails are looking like a complete nightmare as mine were, be sure to check out today’s fabulous CoupMe with Venezia Day Spa. Indulge my friend…you deserve it!

~Rachel, CoupMe


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