Autumn Exercise and Advice: An Interview with Aaron Atwood of Fitness Together

Summer’s coming to an end. That, unfortunately, is becoming more apparent each day and let’s face it, you didn’t keep up that goal to go outside and run each day, did you? It’s OK, you’re not the only one. Summer resolutions might be just as tough – if not tougher – to keep up than those at New Year’s. Personally speaking, the treadmill I brought into my basement in June has stayed in the exact same position since that day. Needless to say, my summer body didn’t come to fruition.

The question now floating in my head is “so what next, then?” I belonged to a gym earlier this year and found minimal results, despite a fairly common routine. Instead of continuing to pay for the membership, I figured my new summer romance with the treadmill would take off. When it didn’t, I felt at a dead end. However, recently, I began talking with fitness guru Aaron Atwood, owner of Fitness Together in Providence. FT’s mantra is “1 client, 1 trainer, 1 goal,” where the studio’s experienced training staff work 1-on-1 with clients in order to get them into shape, or to heighten the effectiveness of their current regimens. Aaron has been involved with personal training since 2004, working at various gyms until he joined Fitness Together in 2006 and soon thereafter realized his dream of owning his own personal fitness studio.

Aaron was nice enough to take some time to talk about personal fitness and Fitness Together, specifically.

SN: Aaron, I’ll get right to it. What is the advantage of working with a personal trainer, like those at Fitness Together?

AA: The accountability aspect. Clients come to us and are typically frustrated, feeling like they don’t have the time to get in a good workout, spending too much time at work, etc. Others are frustrated because they’re sick of doing 1,000 sit-ups without seeing any results. They obviously need a better regimen in place. Some clients are simply scared to workout alone or have no idea how to begin a good regimen. We have older clients even come in that have never worked out before and have no idea what a good program is.

SN: Talk to me about the accountability aspect.

AA: Well, our job here is to hold clients accountable in order to produce results – and that’s not to say every client is coming here to lose weight. We do both cardio and strength training, depending on the client’s needs. It’s the job of our trainers to be brutally honest with clients, to hold them to behavior that produces results. It’s then up to the clients to follow this guidance.

SN: What kind of routines, methods or techniques are you and your training staff highlighting during these 1-on-1 sessions?

AA: We’re big on compound movements, where we are engaging a bunch of muscles at a time instead of using machines, which only isolate and work one muscle. Exercises like squats and lunges are engaging many muscles at a time. A lot of times we’re dealing with clients that have injury issues or pains in their lower backs or shoulders, so we work on ways to ease those clients into effective programs that keep those injuries in mind.

SN: What are some keys for clients to get into, and keep up with, those programs or routines?

AA: Committing to the program, doing cardio 3-6 times a week, consistently doing strength training – depending on their goals – 2-4 times a week, adhering to the trainers’ guidance regarding nutrition.

SN: I’m impressed! I definitely identify with those frustrated clients you spoke of earlier on. Personal training certainly sounds like the way to go for those stuck at a crossroad, much like I was before. We appreciate your time – thanks Aaron!

You can get on the right path right now by taking advantage of CoupMe’s deal with Fitness Together. Click here to get 2 personal training sessions, plus a fitness evaluation, for just $40 – normally a $210 value!

~ Seth, CoupMe


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