Fall Make-up Tips from In House CoupMe Expert

I am always sad to say goodbye to summer but with fall just around the corner, I am excited for the new fall trends with make-up. I feel it is the one season where I can play with darker colors and others that make a statement. Summer make-up trends tend to be more minimal, whereas the fall is bold and playful. Here are some helpful tips for using color and techniques to prepare you for an awesome autumn.

I love to use nature as an inspiration – the rich golds, deep cranberries, orangey browns and mossy greens. Instead of a nude lip, I prefer a darker, plumy fuller lip with a matte texture. On the eye lid, I love adding a little sparkle like the golden leaves of a tree shining in the sun. Also, a black or dark brown-winged liner is the perfect contrast to the soft colors on the eye.

To achieve the winged liner, use an angled brush – MAC’s #266, for example – or a fine tipped brush, such as #209. While applying the liner, stay right along the lash line and tilt your head back a little so that your lid is flat. This makes a smooth, straight line from the corner of your eye toward the outside. Now, to add the wing, start in the outside corner of your eye and drag the liner brush across and down at an angle towards the center of the lash line. This allows the line to transition upward toward the outer corners of the eye. The tip of the wing should be pointing to the end of your eye brow.

I can already picture the first cozy outfit I will wear walking down Newbury street this fall – a pair of leggings, boots, and a pea coat with a bold lip and a classic wing liner! Feeling inspired? Be sure to check out this week’s pampering CoupMe deals for ultra fall beautifying!

This is how you achieve the winged liner look!

~Jessica, CoupMe


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