Chocolate Surprises

It’s a little bit of a sweet tooth’s dream weekend here at CoupMe. We’ve got amazing deals and events for anyone who has a craving for chocolate and dessert. Tomorrow, we’ll be at the New England Dessert Showcase talking about CoupMe, trying out some of New England’s best sweets, and handing out some treats of our own.

If that’s not enough, our deal this weekend gets you a fantastic discount into yet another chocoholic’s dream destination: The Southern New England Chocolate Show on October 3rd. For $10, you get admission for a day of sampling every kind of chocolate: chocolate-covered potato stouts, chocolate stout, dipping chocolate…even a goat stew made with chocolate!

The Southern New England Chocolate Show is based around some of the world’s most unexpected uses for chocolate. We were pretty curious about how we could get our favorite dessert into other areas of our lives, so we asked Wesley J. Lallier, who’s responsible for all this chocolate goodness, to give us five ways you can use chocolate that you’d never think of. (Don’t worry–we’re leaving the goat to the experts!) Here’s what he came up with:

Chocolate, Coffee and Meat: Most of us don’t think about putting chicken in our dessert, but putting our dessert in our chicken is, it turns out, a much better idea. Grind up espresso beans or coffee and mix it with cocoa powder in a 50/50 mix. Rub it on any type of meat (Wesley likes a half chicken rubbed with the chocolate/coffee and grilled, but steak’s also a popular choice) for an innovative flavor that mixes the natural bitterness of the espresso and the sweetness of the cocoa.

Chocolates and Brandy or Cognac: Skip the traditional dessert and coffee course and impress your friends with this sophisticated combination that doesn’t require any baking. The key to making this combination work is to actually eat the chocolate and the cognac at the same time, letting the flavors meld. You can make it easy on yourself by actually buying chocolate balls filled with cognac. Chocolate and alcohol! What could be better?

Chocolate and Cheese: If you like one, you probably like the other, but chocolate and cheese usually exist on opposite ends of the meal spectrum. It doesn’t have to be so, if you’re a little bit more adventurous (and even if you’re not, pairing cheese with its complementary chocolate later in the meal is a great idea). There are some basic principles to adhere to: either match the flavor profile of the cheese to the chocolate, or go completely against it. For creamy, smooth brie, pair it with its chocolate twin, milk chocolate, or its chocolate opposite, the bold dark chocolate. A sharp cheddar goes best with a dark chocolate as well–they’re both bold, flavorful, and not too sweet.

Chocolate and Beer: In recent years, brewers have wised up to our chocolate addiction and started adding chocolate to their stouts. (Trinity Brew House will be serving up their chocolate stout at the Southern New England Chocolate Show.) Dark chocolate actually pairs well with any stout, but if you’re taking advantage of seasonal Oktoberfest beers, Wesley recommends trying them with a milder milk chocolate to complement their spiciness.

Chocolate and…Your Face? So not all chocolate is meant to be eaten. Turns out there are benefits to slathering up your skin with the stuff. (Tranquility Day Spa will be on hand at the show to give chocolate mini-manicures and pedicures if you don’t believe us!) If you want to enjoy the taste of chocolate while avoiding the extra calories, this seems like a great alternative to us!

Be sure to check out CoupMe’s sweet deals this weekend, and if you’re coming to the New England Dessert Showcase on Saturday, stop by our booth!


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