They Couldn’t Keep Baby in the Corner

In the midst of ABC’s Red Carpet Premiere week, as well as the season premieres of other returning shows, Becky here at CoupMe shares her take on some of the fall’s most buzzed about television shows.

Summer is without a doubt my favorite season. There is nothing more enjoyable than the beach, summer nights and weekends spent venturing to places all over New England. There is one thing about fall, however, that does provide everyone with a large sense of excitement: the return of all our favorite shows with their season premieres! Here is a brain download on some of the returning series for this fall:

Dancing With the Stars: See blog post title.

Jennifer Grey: My prediction for this season’s winner. With the unfortunate passing of Patrick Swayze this past year, the dramatic effect of Jennifer Grey returning to dancing for the first time since Dirty Dancing is just pure genius by DW the Stars. “The Situation:” Yes, you are dancing on Dancing With the Stars, but did you really have to shave stars into your hair? The judges understandably doubt his heart in this competition. It’s hard to believe there’s passion for ballroom dancing when his main concerns in life are GTL: Gym, Tan and Laundry. Rick Fox: Out of the wood work! Kurt Warner: You adorable, little QB you. Mini-Palin: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Get the picture yet? Hasselhof: Wasn’t too sad to see you go. I really just view you as one awkwardly tall, beach running punchline. Audrina: you are pretty, but two MTV stars on one season is too much and quite personally, The Situation’s antics are much more entertaining than your melodrama.

All in all, solid cast. I know I didn’t mention everyone, but there are still so many shows to discuss!

Castle: The premise is interesting : a writer looking for plot inspiration via working with the police department on solving murder mysteries. The chemistry between Castle (writer) and Beckett (cop) is really what keeps me interested in this show. Mystery runaround shows are great because by the end of the episode, you always find yourself saying, “ahh, right! Makes perfect sense.”

Now wrapping up the Monday night line up: for all you football fans out there, Monday Night Football provided a game already worthy of the best MNF game of the season. It’s hard to imagine another Monday night game being able to top the nail biter put on by the Saints and the 49ers this past week. Alex Smith seemed to find his groove. If he continues on this path, I suppose the pre-season 49ers hype is no joke.

The new HBO series Boardwalk Empire seems to be creating the most new premiere buzz. The premiere was an hour long, which made you feel like you were watching a movie (especially without stupid commercials), but it was certainly necessary to capture viewers’ interest. The prohibition era is so intriguing due to the classiness, yet absolute absurdities of the time. Boardwalk Empire is able to capture all of that into what I hope to be a season full of well-acted, interesting-plotted episodes.

Wednesday brings us to Modern Family: true comedy entertainment right there. Some more humorous moments of the episode were when Phil was jumping across the car trying to stop it, but clearly doing nothing and Claire screams, “WHAT’S THE PLAN, PHIL?!” Also, Mitch stuck in the Princess playhouse with the bird – just hysterical. If you haven’t started watching Modern Family yet, you should start, it really does make you laugh out loud!

My current favorite show is Brothers & Sisters, and I am SO excited for the season premiere. Sundays are a great night for TV, as I also am an avid fan of Desperate Housewives. There always seems to be a fifth housewife who comes in during the season premiere and creates a ruckus in the neighborhood. This season, it’s Vanessa Williams! They also snagged hottie Brian Austin Green (I was a 90210 junkie back in my day). And to round out the perfect Sunday night lineup, there is Sunday Night Football to flip to during commercials (Miami vs. the Jets should be the game of the week).

We all say we are too busy for TV (at least I do), yet it seems as though we always have our shows that we cannot deny getting hooked on! What are your favorite shows? Which season premieres excited you the most?

~Becky, CoupMe


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