Brew-it-Yourself (and Other Fall Traditions)

I’m a fan of summer as much as the next girl, but I can’t help getting excited for fall. Sure, we’re going to be hit with blistery winds, cold fronts, and….eventually….snow, but we’ve also got some traditions to look forward to.

We’ve got apple picking, pumpkin carving, maybe even a haunted night of scares at Spooky World…but I’m trying to instill my own fall tradition at home: beer brewing.

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy going out for a nice glass (or 4) of beer on occasion, but you can’t always afford to throw down 5+ bucks per pint of your favorite brew.

Bars like local Power Hour fanatic favorite The Avenue offer $1.50 drafts, and Cambridge gastro-pub Lord Hobo recently featured a $5 beer week, which translated to a hefty discount on some of their highbrow brews. But the cheapest solution to getting your wheaty drink on? Brew it yourself!

Last October, armed with the desire to brew, a culinarily-inclined roommate, and a resident drunk friend, I made my way to Cambridge’s Homebrew Emporium to get started. The staff helped me get the tools, recipes, and ingredients I needed to get going. I created an Oktoberfest-inspired Belgian style Saison. Hey, some of us have a knack for wine tasting, some have a refined palate for coffee, but my passion du jour is beer!

Cost-effective and fun, brewing your own beer isn’t that hard. (Youtube offers many useful tutorials on the subject! Tip: the guys wearing flannel seem to have it down the best.) It requires time, patience, and a really big pot.
It’s also a great way to generate warmth to heat you house, so why not give it a go on the next cold day when you need a project?

The fruit of your labor will be five gallons of a tasty adult beverage to share with family and friends as the holidays draw near and the desire to hop on a pub crawl is superceded by the desire to keep warm lounging on the couch in your slippers.

Give it a go! If beer’s not your inspiration, start another fall tradition with family and friends, and share it with us!




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