Spook Your Way to an Awesome Halloween Day!

The CoupMe Team is here with some great creative Halloween costume ideas just for you!

Tomorrow is October, so you know what that means: all of the witches, goblins and ghosts shall be roaming the streets before we know it. The leaves are already well into their oranges, yellows and reds, and although the weather was beautiful yesterday, the cold air will arrive here any day now and send us instantly into our jackets and scarves.

Once October hits, iParty and Halloween costume stores will become mob scenes, making it nearly impossible to find the perfect Halloween costume. Then, all of the sudden it’s October 28th, Halloween weekend is about to begin and all you have to wear is a silly cowboy hat with a plaid t-shirt from Salvation Army. Although the Lone Ranger is somewhat creative, let’s face it: the cowboy theme is very overdone. But have no fear; some of the CoupMe team is here to help your costume troubles! Here are some of our most creative Halloween get-ups:

One of Kristen’s favorite Halloween costumes was when she and her friends dressed up as different beer bottles. She was a Corona, wearing a yellow t-shirt with an iron-on Corona logo, as well as a plastic lime necklace. She also wore a pie tin with a Corona logo taped to the top as a hat. Her sister replicated her idea one year and she and five friends went as a six pack! Talk about creative – what a great idea!

Last year, Allison was determined to fulfill her dream of going as Kill Bill’s The Bride. The best deal she found on a snappy yellow tracksuit was from a vendor in China, who posted on eBay that he could custom-make the costume for a very reasonable price. In late September, she sent him her measurements and mentioned the time constraint, and this guy delivered – early! In under three weeks, the costume of her dreams arrived at the post office, and it fit pretty darn well. She added some fake blood and a Hanzo sword and she was good to go! Allison has yet to determine what to be this year, but is looking into some good duo-couple costume ideas. Got any suggestions for her?

Rachel’s best costume came during her sophomore year at college. She and a bunch of her roommates were Mario Kart characters. She was Yoshi, dressed head to toe in green, and then had a huge cardboard box as the “cart.” She was equipped with all of the necessary weapons of course, such as plastic bananas, lightning bolts, mushrooms, etc. She had a great time throwing things at people throughout the night! She even had an invisible ghost and used her prop to convince someone to let her cut the line for the keg. Props are clearly a definite must use, and add such great value to costumes.

Speaking of props, just last year I decided I was going to be a pinata. My sister gave me the idea. I basically just cut streamers up to look like confetti and stapled rows and rows of streamers on a shirt and a pair of shorts. I had a pinata stick and gave out candy. The trouble was that most people weren’t really sure of what I was, so I give best prop costume award to Yoshi!

As for costume ideas for this upcoming Halloween, Jared is planning on being Prince Charming and Jessica is going to be Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.

Hope this gets your creative juices going. In case you still find your spirit struggling, we certainly have the PERFECT spooky deal for you today! Get your VIP ticket package to Spooky World to start off October just right.

Please share your most creative or favorite costume with us!


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