Cleaning Out The Kitchen!

Look into your cabinets and closets. What do you see? Little boxes of processed foods with lists upon lists of ingredients? Let’s just consider the fact that the more ingredients in a snack or meal does not mean more nutritional value, but instead probably means more suspicion about what really lays in the foods that occupy your shelf space. Let’s start out this fall with a fresh diet by cleaning out your kitchen and getting rid of those unhealthy, tempting foods!

For starters, single-ingredient foods are the things to keep. Your freezer filled with the pre-made meals that seem inevitably easier than preparing yourself a meal contain things like Sodium Phosphate, Maltodexterin, and other hard to pronounce words. One could assume, if you can’t pronounce it, well you most certainly probably shouldn’t be eating it. Here are some surprising foods, found in the article Eat Healthy America: 52 Superfoods on, that have amazing benefits for your body. These foods are guaranteed to help you fight disease, feel more energetic, and even lose weight!

Tomato Sauce: loaded with lycopene, which helps your skin look younger, keeps your heart healthy! A study done at Harvard showed that women who had a significant amount of lyscopene in their blood had a 34% less chance of heart attack.

Canned Pumpkin: It’s FILLED with natural cancer fighters! So break out those pumpkin fall dishes.  Stuffed butternut squash raviolis always seem to be a crowd-pleaser!

Kiwi: Sure, we all know that fruits are healthy and better than eating candy, but kiwis reduce asthma-related wheezing due to it’s extremely high Vitamin C content. In fact, it has 110% of your daily Vitamin C value! Who needs all the extra bad sugars from orange juice?

Try cleaning out your kitchen of the mysterious processed foods and start using the foods that you know will benefit your body and health. Now that you have made all that room on your shelves, perhaps it is time to have some professionals come in and clean things up! Today’s CoupMe deal will be sure to ease your kitchen cleaning struggles while making the rest of your house look brand new. Urban Spoon will provide you with three full hours of professional cleaning assistance for only $39. With these health tips and cleaning supplies, your kitchen will be healthy, clean, and revamped for a year full of cooking!

~Becky, CoupMe


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