Exercising on a Budget (Really, You CAN)

I think it’s safe to say that after the past few days of cold, nonstop rain, it’s beginning to look a lot more like fall, and a heck of a lot less like summer. As much as you were trying to hold onto summer for all that it’s worth, it’s now time to let it go. But now that bathing suit season is well over and sweat pants are so much more enticing, it’s harder for you to push yourself to workout. Trust me, I’ve been there and frankly, we’ve all been there. When it’s 55 degrees outside and you’re wearing your fave flannel PJs and slippers, it’s so much more tempting to curl up with your favorite sitcom and a batch of homemade muffins than it is to go for a run. 

Not to mention you simply can’t afford to join a big, bad expensive gym at the moment (yet another excuse to stay home in front of the tube). It’s just not in your budget. BUT, what if I told you exercise doesn’t have to put a hole in your wallet after all? That you in fact can workout for super cheap (and even *free*) no matter where you live! OK, now that I’ve got you all excited, I’ll share some tips with you on how to motivate yourself and workout on a budget so that you can still fit in your jeans (and afford a pair of brand new ones) at the same time this fall! 

Running: This is my go-to exercise when the weather cooperates. Yes, these past few days have been rather rainy, but Mr. Sun is indeed out again so there are no more excuses! Throw on some comfy clothes appropriate for the weather and hit the trails/streets/whatever floats your boat. Visit Map My Run to map out a route near you and track your miles! If you’re not quite ready to run, go for a walk, or even a walk/run. Even if you just go for 20 or 30 minutes, you will feel so much better afterward. 

On Demand Workouts: If you have On Demand, this is a no brainer! Exercise TV is such a blessing, and many don’t even know about it. It offers everything from relaxing Yoga classes to 30-minute Boot Camp body fat sheds. Pick ‘n’ choose what works best for you, and you’ll turn your living room into your personal gym!

Punch Cards at the Gym: You don’t always have to commit to joining the gym; many offer punch cards so that you can pay for what you use. Even better, CoupMe offers phenomenal fitness deals every week so you can pay even less and still reap all the benefits of a gym membership! Just the other day, we offered a deal with Benefitness, getting you 20 uses (yes uses, not consecutive days) for only $19! That’s less than $1 a day. I think it’s safe to say I snagged that one up while it was still hot. Don’t be sad if you missed that deal. CoupMe’s got lots of great fitness deals up our sleeves, so just keep your eye open!

Yoga: More a fan of group fitness classes rather than pumping iron or running on the tread? Yoga is for you, and boy are you in luck! CoupMe is offering a last-chance deal with Open Doors Yoga Studios that gets you SEVEN classes for only $30. You can use them whenever you’d like, making it the perfect offer for all you savvy, busy young professionals. The studios offer a variety of yoga from Hatha/Gentle Yoga to Power Yoga. You can purchase your yoga-lover’s CoupMe here

Free Weights: Many people rely only on cardio and forget about strength training and free weights. If you want to burn fat and shape up, then you’re totally missing out! Purchase a couple of pairs of dumbbells that are the right weights for you and keep them on hand at your house. This way you can do weighed squats, lunges, dumbbells presses, biceps curls, etc. in the comfort of your own home. You can also purchase a jump rope or resistance bands to jazz up your workout! You can even play with chairs, walls and other things in your home to enhance your routine. Oh, and you don’t need anything for push ups, crunches, squats, lunges, etc. so NO excuses there! 

What do you do to stay in shape come fall? 


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