Stuck in the Office? Beat the Monday Blues


Happy Columbus Day! For those who have the day off, enjoy! But for many of us today is just another Manic Monday. It seems like just yesterday you were hip-hip-hooray-ing for the weekend, wining and dining with your significant other, or dancing on tables at the bar (hey, it’s OK). But the weekend is unfortunately over, with five long workdays getting in the way of you and 5 p.m. on Friday. And there’s nothing like Monday mornings that makes this unfortunate truth all the more clear. But don’t smack your head on your desk just yet! CoupMe’s got a few pick-me-ups to get you through those Monday Blues…just bear with us. (And even if you aren’t stuck in the office, you can at least get some inspiration on what to do on your day off!)

1. Bake something yummy after work! Whenever I’m feeling blue, I throw on an apron and get bakin’. Now that it’s fall there are lots of delicious options that’ll fill your stomach and smell your house up like a candle…a candle you can eat. Apple pie, apple crisp, pumpkin muffins, and banana bread come to mind. Hit up the internet to find your perfect recipe, whip up a family favorite or even buy the boxed pre-mixed variety. It doesn’t matter what you bake, but there’s something about it that can brighten anyone’s day.

2. Sort Through Photos From the Summer: Remember all those pics you took of your fam at the beach? Is it safe to say you haven’t seen half of them due to your busy schedule or just plain laziness? To be honest, most of them are still sitting there un-scene on your digital camera. Take a moment to sort through old photographs and pick out a few faves to dress up your cubicle or brighten up the living room. There’s nothing like looking at old memories to turn that frown upside down.

3. Then Get Creative With Your Pics! Now it’s time to show off your family/dog/new outfit/flawless smile to friends, family and coworkers. We know you want to brag a little bit! And today’s CoupMe makes the printing process a whole lot easier (and a heck of a lot more fun) for you. With Photo Card Creations , you can design custom-made thank-you notes, invitations, save-the-dates, and holiday greeting cards. Get rid of all those boring sentimental cards you have shoved in your desk and jazz it up next time with a personal touch. With today’s CoupMe, you’ll get $50 worth of crafty creations for only $20! Maybe it’s time to start those Holiday cards early this year? Purchase your CoupMe here.

4. Bring Your Own Coffee/Tea to the office: Frankly, water is starting to get a bit boring and you’re running up your bill at Starbucks with your daily latte. Purchase some cheap caffeine-fixers at your local grocery store so you’ll have something to soothe your soul next time your boss goes bananas on you or your annoying coworker pisses you off, yet again. I love Allegro Rainforest Blend coffee (which you can find at Whole Foods) with hints of cocoa, toasted almond and caramel. If you’re a tea lover, hit up your local supermarket, or Trader Joe’s for great deals and great variety. I’m currently loving Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Vanilla Black tea…perfect for fall.

5. Walk it Off: Get out and enjoy the beautiful foliage and crisp fall weather, even if it means taking a 30-minute stroll on your lunch break. Instead of going straight home after work or hitting the gym, get outside and appreciate the weather before the frigid Winter Hell comes. Fall only lasts so long! Take your dog for a walk, go to the park with your kids, or go for a brisk stroll around your neighborhood by yourself.

Hope you have a cheery, stress-free Monday and a happy Columbus Day!

~Rachel, CoupMe


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