Throw a Fab Halloween Party!

My house is known as kind of a big deal for theme parties: Housewarming (twice), Holiday Tree-Trimming, Oktoberfest in July…and, of course, with October 31st looming, we’re gearing up for Halloween. Here are some quick tips on how you too can be the cool kids on the block and throw a rocking Halloween party. Here’s a list of the essentials:

Decorations: Ambiance is key. One thing I’ve found is it’s amazing how many people are storing holiday decorations and will offer ’em up if you simply ask. We’ve scored a raven, fake limbs(these go a long way), and lanterns from friends itching to make extra space in their garages.

Another budget-conscious option is to loop a haunted classic on your T.V. Our top pics: Psycho, The Shining, and The Exorcist.

As for purchasing spooky accessories, sometimes you have to look no further than your neighborhood Walgreens or CVS, who stock styrofoam gravestones, hanging ghouls, candy baskets, and, of course, those dangerous econo-size bags of candy.

When you’re looking for talking skulls, flying reapers, or you can really splurge on a crawling zombie, look no further than Spirit Halloween. This chain boasts locations in Cambridge, Medford, Norwood, Saugus, and even Portsmouth. To keep our loyal CoupMe readers informed, I visited two of their locations this past weekend, and can confidently report that both were choc-full of haunted supplies.

Costumes: You really can’t have a Halloween party without costumes. We already gave you the rundown of what CoupMe wore last year to get some ideas going. Find a killer costume and make sure your guests know the drill– they’d better be dressed to impress to score entry to your shindig!

At a loss for ideas? Buddy up! My roommate and I are going as a pair to give ourselves a theme. Some couples costumes that caught my eye at various stores: Gumby and Pokey, Bert and Ernie, 70s Hippie Chick and Leisure Suit Guy, and German Beer Maid and Guy in Lederhosen.

Libations: No party can be a raging success without tasty food and drinks! Put a spin on traditional finger foods by offering gummy eyeballs, pumpkin cupcakes, and all things red velvet, like this Dexter-themed cake. Some drink ideas, too: cherry-red jello shots, gummy bear martinis, or a Halloween punch. These plastic syringes for serving shots are pretty cute, too.

Go forth and throw a party! Report back on the fun you had!

Bonus: In case you haven’t been yet, CoupMe’s offering half price VIP tickets to Spooky World. Check ’em out!

Stay spooky,


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