CoupMe’s Guide to Making Yourself Happy

With some buzz around the office about upcoming tanning deals, I’ve started thinking about ways I make myself happy, especially during fall months when I’m inevitably busy with work, preparing for holiday parties, and generally swamped. Tanning’s been known to help you out with that seasonal mood disorder stuff, boosting your endorphins, and making you look all around more brown. I’ll happily throw on a pair of wink-ease and spend a quick stint at the electric beach, but if you’re not interested for the known health risks, there’s always the spray tan option. There are also a few other ways you can take some time out to give yourself that R & R you totally deserve.

First, I’m hopping on the bandwagon and singing the praises of yoga. Vinyasa, ashtanga, hatha, yin, even bikram. All styles emphasize the joining of the mind and body on a quest to find flexibility, strength, and ultimately, relaxation (and maybe you’ll be able to stand on your head, for an added bonus). Nearly two years of the deep breathing later, I can finally find complete peace while practicing. Here’s the secret: take the time out of your day– an hour, 75 minutes, whatever you have– and commit to being present at the class. Time exists, but what’s going on outside of the studio space doesn’t matter. These yogis are imparting a wisdom that’s really not rocket science: we can’t control the past, or the future, so our time is best spent focusing on the present and fully experiencing every moment. Ideally, we do this all the time, but for those of us crazy multi-taskers doing a million things at once, yoga class may be the only time during the day that we can do this.

Next, retail therapy. Cheaper than the kind where you sit on a chaise and chat with your shrink (in most cases). Take yourself out and buy something. A comfy sweater? Shoes? A new gadget? Even a gift for a friend. Nothing says “I love me” more than dropping what you’re doing and treating yourself. 

Finally, food. Who doesn’t love getting their nom on? With last week’s CoupMe deal to RF O’Sullivan and a restaurant deal here at CoupMe every Friday, we’ve got our pick of the best Boston eats on a budget. Take yourself out for the meal you’ve been craving (here’s mine), or get creative in the kitchen and whip up something tasty. Dining out and cooking are also great ways to get social– grab an old friend and get some chow, or surprise the roomies with a home-cooked meal.

Here’s a small sampling of my personal picks for doing nice things for myself any time I feel I deserve it! What other ways do you treat yourself?

Keep smilin’,



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