A Night on the Town with CoupMe

T.G.I.F. Am I right, CoupMe visitors? No day evokes the dual feelings of optimism and excitement than Friday – especially Friday afternoons, when you begin planning your evening step-by-step. If you feel like you’re reached a dull spot with your normal weekend routine, we here at CoupMe have the cure! With members of the CoupMe team coming from all over the Boston area, we pooled our thoughts and favorites in order to provide you, our readers, with a fun list to refer when deciding where to head during those weekend (or weekday, we don’t judge here!) nights!

For Becky, the Faneuil area is the bee’s knees. Faneuil is a terrific spot, as it offers so many different types of bars, lounges, happy hour spots, etc, and many people flock here, so you’re always bound for much interaction. Becky enjoys hitting Jose McIntyre’s, found just outside the aquarium on Milk Street. Where else, other than Boston, can you find a Mexican-Irish bar? In addition to 60-ounce margaritas, Jose Macs has 3.5 bars and 2 floors full of fun. Definitely a place to hit. Just across the street from Jose’s is a place that I personally love, called An Tain’s. With $1 drafts of Miller Lite’s and energetic DJ’s, this place is a hidden gem. Further into Faneuil is another Becky favorite – Hennessey’s, which offers 80s cover bands, other live bands, plenty of drink variety and a dance floor upstairs.

Moving outside of Boston, Somerville and Cambridge have what feels like a million great places to frequent. Both Kristen and Allison here at CoupMe have their favorite in these areas. Kristen, ever the Davis Square groupie, loves to frequent Red Bones for its terrific BBQ offerings, but especially for Underbones – the bar located … you guessed it, underneath the restaurant. With plenty of great beer on tap, Underbones is real favorite for locals – not to mention its Wheel of Beer, where people can spin it and then get to drink whatever it lands on (for a price, obviously!). Kristen also enjoys the Somerville Theatre, which has numerous movies playing at all times, from current mainstream and indie releases to classics, such as Jaws, which played in August. With the ability to buy beer at the concession stands, the theatre is great spot to start your night! My personal favorite in Davis is the Burren, which presents a twofold strategy. The front room is your typical comfortable Irish bar, with Irish music playing; however, if you wander into the back room (with its own bar!) you’ll find a live cover band, playing anything from the best of the 90’s to Bluegrass. It’s always a great time at the Burren.

In Cambridge, Allison has taken a real liking to a couple places, such as Lord Hobo and The Druid. Lord Hobo’s is found on Hampshire street in Cambridge, just outside of Central Square and has consistently been mentioned as one of the best “Beer Bars” in Boston by locals. With nearly 30 different and tasty beers available, it lives up to its reputation. The Druid is a great local pub found right in Inman Square and really captures the traditional Irish vibe. Want the best tasting pint of Guinness around? Hit up The Druid.

If you find yourself over by the Garden after game-night, be sure to stop at one of Rachel’s favorites The Harp, where Rachel practically lives. She’s really into the live bands, the great music always playing and obviously, the dancing. The Harp is great all-encompassing bar, where you can engage in all of the previously mentioned activities, or simply chill with friends and chat. Want a real feel of Boston? Try Sully’s Tap for any sporting event. While not luxurious, its fan base is knowledge and the bar has great beer deals.

Finally, if you’re in the Brighton area, there are gems to be found! You can start at the Brighton Beer Garden, which has a lot of great beers on tap and what feels like a thousand TVs on the walls. From there, you can try the Green Briar in Brighton center, which is another great Irish pub that has live music playing on the weekend. Warning – this place gets packed! Finally, as I usually like to do, you can close out your night at The Last Drop, a real local favorite since it’s truly open until 2 a.m. that serves really cheap beers and has TVs and darts. Be careful though – you’re not the only person aware of this place, as it fills up quickly right around 12:30 to 1 am.

So hopefully now you have more than enough ideas to play with for this upcoming weekend. You should definitely also check out our deal for today at Bull McCabe’s in Somerville, which has built quite the reputation in its two-year existence. You can find the deal here. T.G.I.F. and enjoy your weekend CoupMe fans!

~ Seth, CoupMe


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