To Tan or Not to Tan?

Last week, I touched on the merits of tanning in the CoupMe blog, with today’s deal for BosTan as my inspiration. BosTan’s offering our readers the option of your traditional bed tan or a spray tan. Always looking out for your best interests, CoupMe’s official tanning research team (moi!) scoured the internet to find scientific proof that tanning is good for you. Good news! Tanning does inspire the skin to produce more Vitamin D. As we Bostonians know, the winter months get seriously cold and gray, and we often need the pick-me-up of some sun. The high-level beds and booths we often tan in today use UVA rays (the same kind of melanin-stimulating rays that come from the sun), which are less damaging than UVB rays.

Here’s a little tip, too: treating your skin right and keeping moisturized will help develop and prolong the life of your tan. Start by building your base tan (2-4 visits, depending on your skin type) using an accelerator. When you’re ready to really start browning, move to a bronzer, which adds pigment to the skin. If you’re feeling really crazy, you can opt for a tingle lotion (view my favorite here), which actually stimulates mircocirculation near the top layers of the skin. After any tanning session, be sure to moisturize with your favorite lotion (I find Vaseline Intensive Care is my go-to) to keep your skin moist and healthy. Doing so will also extend the life of your tan.

I almost always purchase a California Tan product but have had some luck with Australian Gold as well. I also don’t fall for that line in the shops that you must pay full retail price for lotion. has a host of good vendors for lotions at wholesale prices that are authentic. Eye protection is key, too, and all salons are required to provide it, but may charge a small fee.

Option #2, the spray tan, poses no health concerns at all! Speaking as a gal who once bought a bottle of Clinique instant tanning lotion and turned herself orange to look “hot” for a high school dance, I have to admit that the spray tan has come a long way. Get the same benefits of relaxation and self-pampering without exposing yourself to the sun at all!

Bottom line? BosTan, and many other local salons, offers your conventional indoor tan, which has come a long way from those harmful UVB-based beds with 20 minute time limits, along with the option to avoid the sun altogether with a spray tan. Both options will leave you looking brown and healthy and feeling great– no trip to the Caribbean required! Purchase your CoupMe today for a little vacation of your own…




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