Sushi Me Please!

Twenty, even ten years ago, raw fish would have been thought as a straight trip to the hospital. These days, it seems more like an every day norm. CoupMe is here to let you know the real truth behind the crazed western phenomenon sweeping the nation. (And CoupMe too)!

We all have our favorite sushi rolls: California for the more traditional, Spicy Tuna for the more typical, and Tempura for the more adventurous. No matter your preference, there are some ins and outs of sushi you might just not know about! For example, did you know that sushi actually ISN’T raw fish? In fact raw fish is called sashimi, which is just sliced raw fish, sometimes simply dipped in sauces and sometimes served with sushi. Sushi is any food dish consisting of vinegared rice. The reason behind the vinegared rice is mainly to increase shelf life, not that you should be purchasing sushi off of any shelves! The  sushi that we are commonly familiar with is fully cooked sea food, including: cooked imitation crab (i.e. California roll); smoked salmon (i.e. Seattle roll); grilled squid or octopus; fully cooked shrimp; and fully cooked clam. Who knew? Well either way the Western way of creating sushi is fine in our books. Maybe we have all been deceived by thinking we have been consuming raw fish, but it is quick and delicious so it’s A-OK with CoupMe!

And that is why we have delivered you the BEST sushi place in Boston! Conveniently located on Boylston Street right by Fenway, Basho Sushi is now a Boston favorite sushi go to with what one Yelper claims as, “over-the-top maki rolls.” I have a sushi date with one of my good friends on Thursday night and I can promise you, we will be heading to Basho Sushi with our CoupMe to try out this raved about Sushi place – even if it really isn’t all raw fish!

~Becky, CoupMe


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