CoupMe Goes 1-on-1 with the NBA season

CoupMe staff member Seth gives his input on this year’s NBA season…

Recently, CoupMe has been on a roll with our fitness deals. Every week, we’ve had a great local deal for personal fitness, whether it be personal training, group classes or fitness assessments. Today’s deal with Revolution Fitness in downtown Boston offers a unique and exclusive workout with the TRX Suspension Trainer device that allows participants to work on certain areas while leveraging their body weight. Purportedly, this workout was first used by Navy Seals (who knew?) and is currently used by many athletes, so I have to imagine it’s quite effective.

Speaking of athletes…

It’s incredible to think that basketball season is already upon us. I really didn’t even feel like it was time for hoops to return until well after the Celtics held on to beat the new-look, vilified Miami Heat on Tuesday. But regardless of how I feel about the season, it’s here. Thus, I wanted to offer some quick thoughts about the upcoming NBA season.

The Boston Celtics are deeper and hungrier than last year’s team.
It’s hard to think back to this past June when the C’s fell to the Lakers in the final two games of the season and gave away the chance at winning their second title in three years. However, that team was worn down, riddled with injuries and had absolutely no interior presence. So how did they answer? The team went out and stocked up on big men like Shaquille O’Neal aka the Big Shamrock and Jermaine O’Neal. They also drafted a talented center from overseas: Semih Erden. Oh, and the Celts spet the offseason conditioning themselves for the long haul, with the lingering thoughts of failure in their minds. This definitely drove them to be more than ready for this season, and by all accounts, they’re in the best shape collectively and individually since at least 2008. You have to like hearing Paul Pierce say that Glen “Big Baby” Davis is the most improved and in-shape he’s ever seen. Baby sure seemed to look the part in the opening night game too, playing with the starters down the stretch after contributing highly effectively minutes early on. This team is MUCH hungrier than they were last year and in 2009 to begin. They might even be hungrier than in 2008 and they looked like a team on a mission then. Yikes.
There’s no way it’s not Celtics – Lakers, Round 3 at the end of the season. The Celtics definitely have the tougher road back to the finals, with the Heat and Orlando Magic in their way in the Eastern Conference. The Heat will certainly be more cohesive when the Celtics eventually face them in the playoffs, but I still like the poise and moxie of the veteran squad to advance. The Magic do not intimidate me, especially since the Celtics took care of them last year, despite not having home court and lacking a consistent interior presence. Shaq and JerNeal will provide that. The Lakers, on the other hand, have next to nothing in their way back to the promised land. The Thunder, who gave them their toughest test other than the Celtics in last year’s playoffs – in the first round, nonetheless – will most likely be there in the Western Conference Finals. But again, the Laker’s ridiculous size will overcome anything the Thunder throw their way. And once the Celtics and Lakers reach the finals, the victor really comes down to whoever has the best season record and thus, homecourt. Home court proved incredibly fruitful for the Lakers last year and the Celtics won all three of their home games in the 2008 Finals. So while the Celtics might think they can take the regular season easy and then turn it on in the postseason, they better make sure they have homecourt secure against their bitter foes.

Enjoy basketball season, CoupMe visitors and Go Green!

~ Seth, CoupMe

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