The Customer is Always Right…right?

On the heels of some exceptionally bad bouts of customer service with large companies who will remain nameless, I thought it might be nice to focus on a few local businesses who are really doing it right. These establishments buy in to the mindset that you can most definitely “kill them with kindness,” and go that extra mile to insure their customers leave satisfied and eager to return.

I’ll start with might be my favorite restaurant in the Boston area: Inman Square’s own East Coast Grill. Famous for their packed Sunday brunch, super salty fresh raw bar, and of course the ever-so-spicy Hell Night, the ECG is also known for being a locally awesome restaurant with great service. I’ve experienced it first-hand; anytime there’s been an ordering or product quality snafu, the staff has been on it and offered us a complimentary plate to compensate. The manager is often milling around, and when he is, he drops by every table to check in. This restaurant is also a stellar local business because they host tons of themed events featuring everything from canned beer to pig roasts and they whet our palates daily with updates to their Facebook and twitter pages.

When I’m in Watertown and searching for ethnic groceries, I always make a pit stop at the Arax Market. This Armenian grocery store stocks tasty pita breads, olives, fresh produce, and these awesome sesame seed and honey candy bars at the register that I can’t escape. Placement is key. Every time I come in, I purchase a decent amount of product, and if they are out of something, they’re great at recommending substitutes and giving me a head’s up on when more might be in. Clearly family owned and operated, Arax is always buzzing and sending happy, less hungry customers out their doors.

Let’s pop back to Cambridge on the Somerville line, home to the fabulously relaxing Inman Oasis. Massages have been all the rage, especially with daily deal websites like CoupMe finding the best deals around to give your bank a break. But you may not have ever thought before that it would feel super awesome to pair your massage with a soak in a hot tub– until now! This urban oasis (its former name, actually) features a community Japanese-style hot tub, which for $10, invites you to come in, take a cleansing shower, and soak for up to 30 minutes. Private tubs for parties of 2-4 may also be reserved, too. So, about their service. These ladies (and gents!) are calming by nature. They’re great about accommodating people to soak in the tubs, and never rush anyone. They also market their services on Facebook and on a chalk board out front, and offer worthwhile deals, like discounted soaker and massage packages.

These establishments especially hold a place in my consumer-minded heart; where else have you been lately where the service has knocked your socks off?


~Allison, CoupMe


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