Halloween Weekend Recovery

Happy November everyone! Can you believe it’s already here? Hope you all had a fabulous, spooky, exciting Halloween weekend. But if you’re like most people, I’m sure you’re feeling the aftermath that comes with all of the festivities. Whether you had one too many beers or one too many Peanut Butter Cups, Rachel from CoupMe is here to help you recover from all that indulging…and make going into the office today not quite so painful. Follow these quick tips and you’ll be back to normal in a jiffy!

1. Guzzle lots of H20: Sure, sure, we hear it all the time: drink more water. But this time I’m serious. Take the amount you normally drink and double it, quadruple it even. Take a big Nalgene with you to work and fill it up continuously throughout the day. Water will help flush out the toxins and make you feel brand new again! Also, it’d be best to avoid liquids with high caffeine or sugar content. Sorry to say, but you may want to skip out on that coffee and OJ this morning…just for today.

2. Steer Clear of the Sodium: Salt will make you feel extra-bloated, and most definitely will not get rid of that blah feeling. Keep your food choices simple and fresh throughout the day, avoiding any processed junk. Be careful: sodium sneaks its way into many unexpected staples including soups, salad dressing, meats and those crackers you love so much. Definitely steer clear of anything with extra-salt added in, and fill up with all natural “clean” eats instead. Think: fresh fruit, veggies and whole grains.

3. Eat a balanced, healthy breakfast: Just because you’re feeling a little flabby doesn’t mean you should fast! Believe it or not, eating will actually help you feel better. But this doesn’t mean pancakes, bacon and greasy goodness! Instead, choose a healthy breakfast like an egg white omelet with chopped veggies and herbs or fresh fruit and some Greek yogurt.

4. Load up on Fruit: Fruit, especially anything with high water content like melon, grapefruit and berries, helps clean your system out. Try to incorporate fruit into each meal, or snack on some between meals to cure the bloat. My favorite is frozen berries topped with a little cinnamon or grapefruit wedges aside some scrambled egg whites for breakfast. There’s nothing like fruit to make you feel fresh and renewed!

5. Get Movin’: Get off your butt to help move things along and sweat out the toxins! Go for a long walk, run, bike ride or anything to get yourself off the couch. Even though you feel like a big blob and just want to sit all day long by the tube, getting out will make you feel much, much better-trust me! Also, if you’re stuck in the office all day long, I definitely suggest going for a stroll during your lunch break to wake up your body and gain back some energy.


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