Winter’s Coming Soon!

It is officially November so you know what that means: It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Or at least that’s what the TV, radio, and just about every other form of media will tell you. Beautiful fall days allow us New Englanders to take a look around and say, “yeah, I really love livin’ here.” Unfortunately, these crisp days are drawing to an end and we all know what is coming soon: winter.

While White Christmases and bundling up in sweaters and blankets certainly can be appealing, we know there are some definite cons to winter days. Freezing mornings when our steering wheel is as cold as ice, short days with hardly any sunlight, waiting in long lines buying endless amounts of presents, shoveling day after day because it never seems to stop snowing, and so much more. Lucky for you, we have brainstormed some helpful things to look forward to in order to bare the cold New England winter!

1. Plan a vacation or a trip. Even if the trip isn’t to Hawaii, getting out of New England during the winter can sometimes provide a breath of fresh air. Not to mention, just having things to look forward to occupies your time since you are busy planning and being excited. Chicago, Vegas, Florida, or even just a ski trip in Maine; any weekend excursion will get you and your friends looking forward to the winter!

2. Plan a KILLER New Years Eve Party. It’s never too early to start thinking about New Years. In fact, it’s much better to start planning now so one week before New Years you aren’t saying to your friends, “Well what are we going to do? Weren’t you supposed to book that room for all of us back in November?” If you start planning now, you will get that much more excited about it. Also, then you will be able to find the PERFECT outfit for the occasion before everyone else buys the same dress. Whether you invite friends over for champagne and dancing, hit up Boston or New York bars, or possibly rent a party bus, you might as well plan the night now before it gets too expensive to plan just about anything!

3. Take to baking. There is nothing like the smell of pies, cakes, and cookies during the winter months. Picking up a new habit is always healthy and even if baked goods aren’t wholly nutritious, they certainly can provide a large amount of comfort during the darkened days. Not to mention, you will then be able to impress everyone at all of the holiday parties!

4. Get out of the house. Don’t let winter turn you into a large couch potato. In fact if anything, use this time to attain the body weight you have always dreamed of so you can show it off when summer returns again. We are always offering fitness deals not just as a way to expose some of the best places in New England, but also to help you create a ‘better you’ at an affordable price. It is so easy to fall into a winter routine consisting of: waking up, 8+ hours at work, make dinner, sit on couch for extended period of time, go to sleep, then repeat, repeat, and repeat again.

Just because the sun goes down that much earlier doesn’t mean that the day is done and we need to stay in our homes. Fit some type of workout  into your schedule. Perhaps you could find a place conveniently on your way home from work whether it be a gym, a yoga/pilates studio, or something exotic like Zumba or Pole Dancing! Today we are offering 10 visits to the Weymouth Club for only $19! Check out this deal here. You will be thankful you didn’t let the winter days keep you locked up inside, and also get the best of your body.

5. Attend fun winter events. Somewhat expanding on the previous tip, don’t limit your free time to movies on the couch! Instead get out and enjoy New England in all of its winter glory. Go skating in Boston Common, attend a BU vs. BC Hockey game, or splurge on a ticket to the Nutcracker. One event coming up soon is the Tree Lighting in Faneuil Hall taking place on November 20th. It is the largest tree lighting in all of New England and it’s right in Boston! Special appearances will be made from some of the character’s in the Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker, as well as Patriots Linebacker Jerod Mayo. Check out more details to the event here.

Hopefully we have provided you with some things to look forward to this winter. If none of the above appeals to you, well, the first day of spring is only four months and eighteen days away!

~Becky, CoupMe


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