Stuff to do when you’re not feeling hot

We fun-seeking, energy-filled go-getters at CoupMe are always seeking out the best eats, events, and even stuff to do with your kids. We’re all about promoting healthy living, too, and sometimes you’re just not feeling so hot. With an epic Halloween party in the works for last weekend, of course I came down with that pesky cold-like thing everyone’s getting now. I’ve made it through the festivities but I’m still in serious recovery mode.

Here are some of my recovery tips:

Eat Soup. Obvious, right? Whether you’ve got the strength to cook up a tasty pot of chicken flavored Ramen or you’d rather just pick up the phone and order take out, something hot and savory will leave you feeling ten times better. My sick soup of choice? The S and S deli’smatzo ball soup. Complete with celery, carrots, and chicken, it’s like a bowl of soothing happiness for your sick soul. Other tasty options are your conventional chicken noodle, or maybe tomato with some of that canned Parmesan cheese melted in.

Drink lots of fluids. Being home sick is an excuse to keep your nutrient count up and pretty much eat and drink whatever you want. I find a nice mix of water, juices rich in vitamin C, Gatorade, tea, and Airborne do the trick.

Plan to do…nothing. Sounds simple, right? Well, if you’re anything like me, you’re booked solid nearly every day of the week with work, meetings, an exercise regimen, errands, and maybe even social time. If you’re really not feeling great, take a day to yourself. Call in sick to work, clear your calendar, and plan to do nothing but lounge at home to get better. Don’t even set an alarm! Get that much needed full night of sleep. You’re something like 50% more likely to recover sooner when you’re not stressed out abut the one million things you thought you had to get done. They can wait until you’re feeling up to the challenge again.

Don’t sweat it- literally! As guilty as I feel for ditching the gym and yoga for sweatpants and delivery, I’m taking a mini-vacay from the world of working out because I’m just not feeling up to it. Don’t push yourself to hit the gym until you feel rested and well enough to get physical again. Forcing your body to exert itself may just slow down the recovery process. Use this lazy time as an excuse to plow through all that Desperate Housewives on your dvr instead! Plus, you’ve got time to catch up on your sleep, something we all could use a little more of.

Anything I missed? Please share your favorite comfort foods or guilty pleasure TV shows here! Then again, you could always pamper yourself with a haircut & blow dry from CoupMe; there’s nothing like a little trip to the beauty salon to boost your mood! 

Get well soon,



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