A Unique Evening Out

People in the Greater Boston area don’t always realize all of the fun, unique things there are to do around town. We always get stuck in the same routine where another night with the TV is relaxing, but it tends to get redundant. It’s time to broaden your horizons and try something new in the area!

When we do something out of the ordinary – “treat” ourselves to something different and spend a little money – we then remember how truly wonderful it is. For example, last night I went to a cooking class at Bullfinch’s in Sudbury. My family loves the restaurant. The owners truly understands not just the importance of good food, but the necessity of an enjoyable dining experience as well. Therefore, my parents insisted I join them in one of the restaurant’s cooking classes that incorporates a demonstration, a three course dinner, as well as wine pairings. Both the chef and the wine expert were full of knowledge and even my Dad, the ultimate griller, said he learned a lot.

What it made me realize is the necessity to break out of our norm every so often. Yes, things like this don’t come cheap, but it’s OK to splurge every so often if it means a delightful evening with either family or friends. When life is always so busy and all we are concerned with is work, the kids, and when we will find the time to get to the gym, nights out really let you sit back and enjoy some of the finer things in life. I’m not talking about a night out at a bar or to the movies but a night where you learn how to prepare Oysters Rockefeller, Grilled lamb chops with goat cheese sauce, and then apple crisp for dessert. It was the perfect meal for the first night of November.

Not to mention, the chef there has this gig called Gorilla Gourmet. He comes into your kitchen and creates you a meal based on whatever ingredients you just happen to have in your kitchen that day! It is actually televised on the local Sudbury area TV station. How cool?

So break out of your norm. Grab a babysitter and find something fun to do right in your neighborhood that will allow you to have a “very enjoyable evening” instead of yet another night at your TV. This Thursday evening is the perfect time to start. Enjoy! 

~Becky, CoupMe


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